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Hard to categorize, the Sixline Soapfish is both peaceful and hardy, as well as aggressive and suggested for experts only!

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Rudy Salinas - 2013-04-26
I can't say enough about this grouper. I had one for 14 years. He was so friendly that as I would clean his tank, he would loved to be touched, then he would turn upside down to get his belly rubbed. He even came to me if I signaled him by rubbing my fingers. Be cautious about putting others with them, they are extremily territorial.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-27
    I'm glad to hear a good story about the Golden Striped Grouper in the aquarium. They are such interesting looking fish, nice to know they can do well, even if they want to be the 'top dog', and sounds like 'the only dog' in their
Jennifer - 2007-11-12
We have two of these fish and they are absolutely incredible!
Tons of personality, very curious, and they exhibit the funniest behaviors. One always follows his best friend, a Blue-Spotted Grouper, around and they share the same sleeping spots. Another thing both like to do is always be in contact with the other fish and eel, they always rub against each other and try to keep touching something.