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Although quite shy as a juvenile, the Spotted Soapfish will soon recognize who feeds it and will become quite tame!
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Missa-naples fl - 2009-08-19
My clownfish Killah is a very personable fish. I was at first reluctant to get him because of the possibility of him contaminating my entire tank if he gets sick or dies. For 3 months I saw him at the store and took a chance. I love him! He is a very personable boy, and follows me around the room from inside the tank. He is hand-fed, and actually likes it when you rub his side. He is THE most gentle fish I have in the tank and right now I have a snowflake eel, a coral beauty, a volitans lionfish and a comet. Killah spends most of his time staring at me from the corner of the tank, and swims with his forehead sticking up from the top of the water. He is the largest fish by far in my tank and has not once attempted to eat any of his tankmates, and actually gets along very well with the coral beauty and the comet.

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  • Clint - 2010-03-07
    How big is Killah? I heard they grow 5-6" and also heard 12-14" It`s a good looking grouper, but I want one that will stay on the smaller side
carl - 2004-05-19
Beautiful fish which spend alot of time swimming near the surface of my tank. Prefers live food, but will eat frozen prawns. Has to watch the food for a bit before eating and will often not eat food which stops moving (falls to the sand or live rock) before it attacks.