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   The Striped Puffer or Narrow-lined Toadfish are in the family of "true" puffers. This is a wonderful species! They are really personable and wonderful aquarium specimens!
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Kris. - 2004-06-11
I just fell in love with my guy at the pet store yesterday!!! He kept swimming to the side of his tank and practically demanding attention. Plus when I first walked up his stripes were really light and the more I spoke to him the darker his coloring. Today I went back and he acted as if he recognized me. I could not go home without him and he ate a ton of snails and promptly took a nap. BRAT.

Tyler - 2010-06-14
I had a very personable Stripey a while ago, and after a long run for him, we got a regular dogface. after he died, we just left the tank without a puffer until 2 days ago-we got another stripey, but on the way home, I could still he was BAD! Sure enough, he ate loads of snails and then plays around with his reflection in the mirror-the mirror thing is something every puffer I ever had liked-but I've never seen a puffer eat 10+snails within 15 minutes!

judy - 2010-03-16
I have a striped puffer and on its one antenna it has a small blood ball like thing can it be removed or should I just leave it there?

Ben compton - 2004-05-17
This fish is very fun to watch swim and even to watch eat!This fish can even learn to eat out of your own hand!*but watch out,he may nip at your fingers*!But other wise this fish is worth every penny of you money!(Will get very agressive when eating or feeding).