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  This is a juvenile Polka-dot Boxfish, Yellow Boxfish, or Blue-spotted Boxfish. It's so cute! It's amazing that this little fellow will grow up to be an adult thats 18 inches (45 cm)!
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Rajee - 2010-03-10
My Boxfish is attacking the goldfish wings. How to avoid it.

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  • Jim Jones - 2010-03-18
    ??? Goldfish Wings?? If you mean a freshwater goldfish then you are mistaken on your Boxfish, and Boxfish are exclusivley saltwater. You might be talking about a freshwater puffer, and unfortunatley, dangling things will always be picked at (had a saltwater puffer "eat" the stingers of a lionfish and died... he couldnt resist.
  • roywilson - 2012-07-11
    Maybe you need feed small crab's 'earthworm's or? maybe because the goldfish is small. In fact boxfish are predator. They eat smaller fish when it's angry. You should get a female boxfish or? get some more fish. I suggiest get other pufer fish
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-12
    Try re-arranging the tank and make the Boxfish focus on looking for a new territory.
Dj Orion - 2007-08-27
I just got a yellow spotted boxfish the other day and added it to my tank. The tank is occupied with a long horned cowfish, porcupine puffer, dogface puffer, queen angel and blue spotted puffer. Once the boxfish entered the tank, the dogface immediately attacked it. This dogface has never attacked anything before, so I am doubting their compatibility. I quickly removed the dogface from the tank, and placd him on a frying pan. (just kidding) But I would be extra careful on what fish to keep with this one.

Peter Cook - 2012-05-02
I had spotted box fish. He was going fine for about 2 weeks then I found him caught in the power head. Turned the pump off he was ok was eating a bit of damage on his back then he died 3 days later

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-02
    Sorry to hear that. The stress from an injury can cause death.
Adam Kovic - 2011-08-24
Hi, it seems every site I read about yellow box fish say they grow to 18 inches (45cms)? I've had mine for years and it is only 2.5 inches. After more research I have found they have a maximum size of 3 inches.

Dr. Jungle finds the facts!... "The Polka-dot Boxfish, also known as the Yellow Boxfish, Ostracion cubicus reaches a length of 45.0 cm (18 inches). This information can be found in the works of author Dr. Burgess's in his "Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes", authors Rudie H. Kuitter and Helmut Debelius in their "World Atlas of Marine Fishes", and in Wikipedia."

Maybe you have a different boxfish species in your aquarium? Otherwise the growth of your boxfish, if it is the Yellow Boxfish Ostracion cubicus, may have been stunted for some reason. But it is more likely that it is a different species.

Bashirib - 2010-10-13
Just bought a small boxfish for my 90 gal. tank. It already contains 5 cardinal fish, two clown fish, a yellow tang, a striped convict tang, two firefish, and a diamond goby. So far, everyone is fine. They all ignore the boxfish, and he is so cute! Knowing his defense mechanism, I think I'll call him Ali (because he floats like a butterfly, and stings like a bee), if he lives for at least the next 2 weeks.

Glenn - 2008-03-29
These fish emit a toxic slim if stressed that can kill everything in the tank. I know, I watched it happen (beware).

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  • Just talking - 2010-09-13
    Me too. T_T. Two of my fishes died because of that, including my boxfish.
jay - 2007-06-14
You guys may be amazed to find out that I keep my yellow boxfish in a 200 gallon tank with the following:
dogface puffer, porcupine puffer, 2 clownfish, 1 tomato clown, 1 greenbird wrasse, 1 clown tang, 1 naso tang, 1 blue tang, 1 blue trigger, 1 emperor angel, &
1 Pinnatus batfish! All live peacefully & have found their territories within the tank. I guess it really shows that each tank/fish will be different. I've read so many articles against putting all my fish together but did so carefully & all is well. The boxfish in particular is fantastic & learns tricks very quickly. My batfish, contrary to so many articles is not timid at all & in fact eats quite a lot & interacts aggresively with the other fish.

Micsizzle the shizzle - 2005-04-13
Omg guys, this web site is so super. I love fishes, but i dont like touching them ...ewww. so I just look at them.

ddd - 2004-10-13
I love your website. it is good cause i went somewhere in japan and i have a project on this fish, so it was very useful. i love the way boxfish swim backwards, it is so CUTE!i went to Kushimoto or Wakayama, have u been there? well i love this site and i would want to buy a boxfish! Bye

Derek Lam - 2004-05-21
This fish is a really cute guy. I have successfully kept this fish for a year so far. They are fun to look at and feed.