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   With similar personalities of puffers, Cowfish add amusement to the mix with their comical look and movements.  Kind of looks like a jousting Kia!
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lesha - 2017-10-30
I have a long horn cow fish have had it about 2 months I noticed today that he is sitting on the bottom a lot does this mean he is sick.

NYCMEDICCOH - 2010-12-09
Just bought my first cowfish today he's about 4 inches long and very different looking. My kids and I like him everything seems to me going alright for now my other fish aren't harassing him too much. He's in an aggressive tank and he came from an aggressive tank with a clown trigger. I've read the horror stories hope I'm not going to be the producer of one.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-19
    Article attached and sometimes agressive and sometimes not - keep an eye out. If it will fit in his mouth - he will probably eat it
  • Dani - 2017-03-24
    Hi..been six years since you wrote this.. How's your cow fish doing? I'm taking one home as we speak and also going in an aggressive tank..all the experience I have read have said theirs never release any toxin when stressed or when they died ..and a marine biologist said their reputation is a myth..
  • Eliza - 2017-09-11
    Hey! How's it going with the cowfish? I hope your fishes still aren't harassing the little guy too much... I bet it's okay for him to be harassed a LITTLE, but you know, i hope that it is NOT TOO MUCH! Make sure the harassment isn't about how different looking he is.
Kuba - 2011-05-31
If I buy cow fish as a baby can i keep him in 28 gal nano cube?
How long i can have him for ?
I heard they grow up slowly.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-31
    28 gallons is big enough as the cow fish will supposedly be 20 inches as an adult. Figure one inch of fish (as an adult) for each gallong of water. 20 inches so at least 20 gallons as you have to subtract for plants and flooring and decorations. Leave your question up and I would look into this a little more cuz some say problems with these nano cubes.
  • Krista - 2011-09-14
    No. 28 gallons is not big enough. The Longhorn Cowfish needs at least 100-150 gallons at full length. Even as a baby 28 gallons won't be big enough and he will probably die and poison everything else in your tank.
  • Eliza - 2017-09-11
    I've heard that your cowfish has growing A LOT!!! I'm not sure if that is normal. Maybe bring it to a vet.
  • Kristy - 2017-09-11
    Eliza is definitely right. You know what they say... the smaller the better!
  • Eliza - 2017-09-11
    Hahaha! Thx for supporting my comet Kristy! The smaller the better is always correct when it comes to fishees
Lisa - 2012-03-26
I have had a cowfish for one year now. He is in a 95 gallon tank. Started in a 29 g nano. He is now 9 inches long. He is the most important fish in my tank. He is housed with other fish, but I have not purchased anything I am afraid to lose due to the stories of them being toxic if stressed or dying. With that said, I love this fish. What is most important to them is food!! I feed 3 to 4 times a day. 4 brine am. Then pellets and flake and repeat with 3 brine and one mysis then flakes and pellets again. I stretch the feeding out so he has fun and I also turn of side blowers so he doesn't have to chase rhe food to much. He does get irritated at times and gets patches of black. Usually because I am visiting him without food!! He spits water. Splashes water and is truly entertaining. I highly recommend this fish if you don't work and be there for it and feed it ALOT!! It really can get large so I have heard and I hope I don't have to deal with that issue to soon. They are NOT just fish. They
are pets. They recognize you and expect alot of your attention. If you can't do that then pass. Otherwise you will lose it.

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  • Dani - 2017-03-24
    Hi Lisa, just found this thread. RE cow fish.. Been doing lots of research and yet to find any evidence to suggest they will release toxins whdh stressed or when they die..i have found over 100 comments on different websites RE people saying they have lost a cow fish and never lost any fish because of it..

    How's your cow fish doing ? On my way home with one and cant wait to place him in my 300 gallon tank
craig - 2016-05-14
I love my Cowfish, he has the most amazing personality.As said before main priority with them is FOOD!He gets so excited at feeding times watches what your doing so inquisitive.I would recommend these beauties to any one thinking of setting up a saltwater tank

Jessica Reyes - 2012-06-08
I kept one of these amazing guys for a long time, he was almost a foot long when he died. As far as when he did die he did not release a toxin and was surprised to find out that they release the toxin when they die stressfully. As sad as I was when he did die it made me feel better knowing he was happy and probably died of old age.

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  • Dustin - 2013-03-02
    I just bought a cowfish today. They are amazing creatures and very unique. I'm sorry for your loss. My cowfish Billy is so full of life.
Gigi - 2009-11-23
I dont have a cowfish. I want one though. Any advise? Do they need a salt water tank or a freshwater tank? I need 2 know so I can c if I can get one. PLZ RESOND!

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  • Scott - 2010-02-25
    Cow fish require a salt water marine tank! I'd suggest reading about salt water marine before making the commitment. Cheers
  • Jenna - 2010-08-31
    Hey Gigi, they are a lot of fun. They need saltwater and lots of it. When getting a tank you need to realize that rule of thumb is 1 fish per 10 gallons. So if you get 30 gallon you can put 3 fish in it. But also think about rocks they take up space too. So good luck hopefully you will enjoy your cow fish.
  • Anonymous - 2010-09-01
  • Krista - 2011-09-14
    The rule of thumb 1 fish per 10 gallons is _wrong_. The best way to plan a fish tank is to have about 5 gallons per every adult inch of fish. So because the cowfish can get up to 20 inches you'd want at least 100 gallons just for that one fish. If you add any more fish, any rocks, sand or plants that take up room you need _more_ gallons.
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-11
    Cowfish, are Salt Water fish. Additionally, they require a very experienced fish keeper to keep them. You may find reading this article about Cowfish useful.
Matt - 2010-01-01
I've had my cow since he was the size of my finger nail - he's now over 6". These guys have a massive personality - they are prone to whitespot though - since he was little I've given him a lot of fresh water baths to get rid of it. I now simply put my hand in, he swims over to it, and I lift him out of the tank into the fresh water. He seems to know and like it! They spit to get attention, and go black in various places when annoyed. Pride of my tank and the best fish I've ever had - long live "yellow!!!"

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  • craig - 2010-09-24
    Best treatment for whitespot especially white spot is a product called Myaxin. It contains malachite green and formulin. Give a fresh water bath once a day for three days for 5 minutes and keep the fish in a medical tank for 1 month with a salinity of 15ppt. Do a daily 50% water change for the month. Once the one month treatment is up, feed crushed garlic regularly, it's great for your fishes immunity and keeping dreaded white spot at bay.
  • michele - 2010-10-06
    Matt, does he really swim to your hand? I was in an aquarium store last week and saw these guys for the first time. I am however a new aquarium person so I will wait a good, long time before I get one. They are amazing. The store had 2 that followed me everywhere I went. I never saw a fish so in tune with a person. I bought some books and will spend a lot of time researching. Most places tell you not to get one. That they are too fragile to keep in a home aquarium.....I sure don't want to get one and have it get sick or die. They are just so cute. I have never seen such a friendly fish...for me it was love at first sight!
  • Marjorie Biedron - 2011-01-11
    Is your cowfish still alive?
GS - 2005-01-04
If anyone sees a cowfish at an Aquarium store and decide you have just got to have one. Be sure to ask if this fish is poisenous because I was not told that and I put him in a 120 gallon aquarium with a few other fish that were peaceful and not aggressive and then a few days later he started having trouble swimming, I reckon he got stressed and died and poisoned my whole tank and I lost about $500 worth of fish. If I was told that it would possibly release poison, I would have never bought it.

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  • Scott - 2010-08-26
    Did the toxin kill the fish right away when he died or did they die off slowly for the next few days 1 by 1?
  • Kaylee Cheddah Bendit - 2011-02-24
    I would suggest doing your own research. Long horned cow fish are from the puffer family. When puffer fish get scared they puff up and secrete a poison as a defense mechanism. (sorry if my spelling is not up to par). They are cool to look at but they are a fish that doesn't like to be stressed. So fish swimming around them can stress out. I would suggest a puffer. They are a lot easier to handle and don't need to be watched as much. Im so sorry you had these troubles and were not told the right information. Im not sure where you are located but you can look at we also have a facebook. Family owned from a hobbiests point of view. Not someone who just wants your money. We also do shipping. I hope I helped a little bit!
  • Coral Carfora - 2011-03-14
    If you have actually read about the fish before you bought one, you would've known that when the fish dies it releases something that will kill all the other fish in the tank. I'm sorry for your losses, but before you go out and get another one, do your research.
  • Ka Ming - 2011-04-29
    Is it true? I love cowfish! Have you heard of a Frilled shark, Dwarf goby, Meagalodon (Shark as bigger as a whale shark!), Portugueusge(Jelly fish), small or medium or big mouth Bass, Crappie, Greenland Sleeper shark, Horn Shark and Goliath Grouper?
LINDA HAYNES - 2011-02-15
Can I keep two clown fish with a carpet anemone, and a wolf eel? I also have a cow fish.
What can I get that will get along with all of these in the same tank? Is there something I should remove or add? Any suggestions please, thanks.