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   A little smaller than their green and blue striped cousin, the Spotted Mandarin is another spectacularly painted dragonet that many aquarist are drawn to!
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Trevor - 2003-12-29
Hi, I live in Burnaby B.C. Canada and I find that the mandarin goby is bi-far more expencive than its counter part and its counter part is far more abundant than the mandarin. I am talking about the "Psychedelic Fish". I have also been told that these and Mandarin gobys are very very hard to keep. I have a 100 gallon tank with about 200 lbs of rock and I usualy do 20-40 gallon water change every 12 days and he love the fresh water,hes right in their when I just top off the water my tanks temp id at 80 degrees. I got him 5 months ago and he has more than doubled his size since I have had him. But what I need to know is,is that will a Mandarin and a Psychedlic live together and NOT fight when crossing each others paths?

Lewis - 2011-08-01
Hello, I have a 30 gallon tank with a scooter blenny, a diamond goby, 2 firefish, 6 chromis and a Clarks clownfish along with 2 cleaner shrimp

I want to get one of these or a phycadelic mandarin can anyone tell me what one would be better??
Thanks :) :-)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-01
    I believe you have too many fish for the 30 gallon tank you have now. Rule of thumb is 1 usuable gallon of water for each inch your fish are going to be as adults. Not the size they are now. With so many in the tank, the fish will become stunted and could die. I would look up the adult size of each of your fish and than get another tank or a larger tank. Sorry bout that but it is fun to have more than one.
teranese - 2010-03-18
They are very cute. They have cute colors.

claudi - 2009-11-16
Mandarins are beautiful fish. I love them and their colors.

BT - 2006-01-27
I have a mandarin and a spotted dragonette and so far they seem to get along fine. Mandarin is 3 inches and spotted is 1 inch.

Andersen - 2004-09-23
I really love this Spotted Mandarin, I loved the way she moves, seaching food and any action every time I look at her. her looking food action is very cute. this will make me get better when I am not happy or am in a bad mood.