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   An explosion of color, the Mandarinfish or Psychedelic Fish, elicits more “wows” and “ahs” than most other saltwater fish; often being the fish that brings new aquarists to the hobby.
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Shane Arthur - 2009-02-21
I have a Synchiropus splendidus in a 20 gallon nano reef, have trained him to come eat pellets twice daily with my clowns. He eats well and is gaining weight normally.

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  • Sanctum Una Una - 2021-11-08
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Tim - 2017-05-06
Our lil green Female Mandarin, Maze , is in love with our lil Blue spotted Watchman Goby,Joe, They sleep side by side Every Night, we have Never seen anything like it

diane Stegman - 2011-01-17
I am not sure how to feed this fish. I put in brine frozen shrimp and didn't touch it. Any suggestions?

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  • Enoch Park - 2015-11-01
    Dear Ms. Stegman, Mandarin dragonets are generally finicky eaters; not many are captive bred, so not many will touch frozen food. Make sure that your mandarin is a 'blue mandarin.' That term means that that mandarinfish has been captive bred and might accept frozen food. When buying one, make sure that the mandarin has been fully 'weaned' onto frozen food. You can train a mandarin to accept and even depend on frozen or pellet food, but trust me and my experience; that is a very long and tedious process. Generally, mandarins are to be left to the experts. Good luck! -Enoch
CRRose - 2011-04-28
I have a male mandarin in my 40 gallon reef that is doing excellent and growing well. He eats anything frozen (especially Nutramar Ova) though I'd like to get him eating New Life Spectrum pellets as well. These fish are easy to care for in any sized tank provided that the owner is willing to work with them and train them onto other foods. It is important to choose a mandarin that is not skinny with a sunken-in stomach, as they often won't start eating again. Putting them in a breeder net or similar and offering foods several times a day (siphoning out anything left over) is an excellent way to train them. Once they are eating well, they can be released. No one willing to invest a little time should be scared away from these lovely little fish.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-29
    Thank you for the information. It is always great to hear from someone who has been through it and can help others. Thank you.
Sheri - 2006-12-27
I have a mandarin and a scooter in a 36 gallon hex. I was told these are two of the toughest to keep but for me they have been just easy happy go lucky fish :). I dont believe the 75 pound rock rule for I only have about 35 in mine along with the live sand and the dragonets are doing great. I add a 1/2 teaspoon of fresh plankton every morning. The mandarins are beautiful fish! I wish they got bigger than 4 inches :( The scooter is really great to watch as he glides across everything.

Andersen - 2004-09-23
My wife loved her since they first meet at aquarium shop and I bought her a Mandarinfish on the same day. She very much enjoys talking to the Mandarinfish and looking at her action, very shy and very lady action.

Ra - 2003-09-16
I have a mandarinefish ever since I started my aquarium, and it is one of my favorite fishes. The mandarine fish is really easy to keep, is quiet and fast and you can find it one day in one place and the next day in the opposite place. It is great.
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