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Next to Longnose Hawkfish, Flame Hawkfish are one of the most sought after hawkfish due to their small size, better temperament and beautiful red coloring.  
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Berry Family Dentistry - 2011-10-13
We have had our Flamehawk for at least twelve years and she's still going strong.

Sad Flame Hawk Owner - 2006-09-18
The Flame Hawk is my favorite fish. I've had 6 Flame Hawks in the past. All but one jumped out of my tank. Sadly I was never home to save them. Because of the jumping I've stopped buying Flame Hawks that was until last week. I was at the pet shop saw the cutest little Flame Hawk swushing about the tank. I paid alot of money for the fish and am sad to say I think this Flame Hawk is not going to live long. IT IS NOT EATING. It doesn't seem to be afraid in the tank. Its swimming all about the tank and none of the other fish are bothering it.

I'm feeding or trying to feed Brine Shrimp and flake food. The Flame Hawk just keeps getting hit on the head with the food.

~Sad Flame Hawk Owner

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  • Mark - 2011-01-09
    I wish I had read your piece earlier, bought my flame hawk fish 6 hours ago, as I was reading your article couldn't find my fish, there it was dead on the floor.
Dave - 2010-06-26
Great fish. The very first fish I ever purchased. He eats great and gets along with his tank mates awesome. Has a great personality and will show off in front of the tank if he knows you are anywhere around to get your attention and feed him. I did try to add some peppermint shrimp one time and he ate all four of them. I feed him all kinds of different frozen foods and live black molly babies.

Anonymous - 2008-08-31
Flame hawkfish are easy to keep and of bouyant personality.

dixie harding - 2008-03-30
Ahhhh ... I beg to differ ... my daughter started her very first salt aquarium ever three yrs ago, with a clown fish and a red flame hawk. They are the happiest funniest fish I have ever seen. She must just have a knack for it, seeing how I have been no help since I know nothing at all about fish. I would recommend this fish to anyone that is responsible with the tank.

Kim - 2006-08-30
I have had my Flame Hawk for 7 years - it's true that they have a lot of personality. He is the fish that is most interested in people (I also have an Ocellaris Clown & a Cherub Angel in my 30g reef). He is not agressive toward other fish, but is assertive. He's the biggest pig at feeding time - which he thinks should be every time anyone walks past the tank. The angel definitely defers to him as the "alpha fish".

I had another flame hawk prior to this one & as mentioned elsewhere here, he did manage to jump out of the tank. There was a very small opening around a plumbing tube - I have no idea how he fit through.

Pojo - 2006-07-08
I had a flame hawk and he lived for about 8 years. These guys have some of the best personalities around. Got along well with clownfish, tangs, angel fish, fox faces, etc. After he passed away, I replaced him with an Arc-Eyed Hawk. Neither have bothered my peppermint shrimp.

Adam - 2006-06-27
Have had no problems with my hawkfish since it settled in. In the beginning it was picked on by a pair of percula clowns but hasn't been bothered since. I would reccomend larger robust tankmates although mine lives happily with a small firefish. Don't mix with shrimps as even large shrimps may be seen as a food source. Overall a great addition to the reef tank adding both colour and personality.

Anonymous - 2006-04-07
I have a Flame Hawk. He is a very curious fish and constantly roams every nook and cranny of my reef tank. He eats well most varity of foods given. I found out he likes live shrimp-like the three camel shrimp I sacrificed to him. When they finally were allowed to come out of the bag from the pet store ,he tore after them. They did not last long.

Anonymous - 2006-01-08
I am a new saltwater fish owner, and I have a 24 gallom aquarium. I had two small clownfish and the owner of an aquarium store told me a flame hawk would do great with my other fish. Well, the fish never would eat. I gave everything recommended for the hawk to eat. Five days later he ate my one clownfish! If you are new in aquariums I would not recommend this fish!