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Tons of personality packed into a pint size package, the Falco’s Hawkfish is great for a nano tank and just as at home in a large aquarium.
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Nathan - 2014-09-21
Patience is the key to success - Me. Pets: Maroon Clownfish, Falco Hawkfish, Moorish Idol, Flame Angelfish, Fairy Wrass, Clown Goby, Watchman Tiger Goby, Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Peppermint Shrimp, Fire Shrimp, Snails, Hermit Crabs, Multiple Frogspawn, Multiple Polyps, Candy Cane Coral, Mushroom Corals, Tree Corals, Brain Corals, Cardinal Tetras, Phantom Catfish, Clown Louch, Common Plecostomous, Blue Acara, Kribensis (Mated Pair), Pearl Gouramis, American Toads, Leapord Frog, Painted Turtle, Bearded Dragon, Guinea Pig.

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  • Nathan - 2014-09-21
    Sorry, im new to this, I thought I was filling out a profile or something. Anyway what I wanted to say was that I've had a falco hawkfish for nearly a year now. He's fine with all the fish that were in the tank before him, but rather agressive with the fish that came in after his arrival. He bullied the dottybacks to death, but gave up on the larger moorish idol after a few days, who ive had for a month now and is thriving. I recommended getting them after adding your smaller and more delicate fish. They eat shrimp but are usually good with shelled animals (hermit crabs, snails, etc.). They are great fish and I highly recommend them to anyone who has a tank with larger fish. (P.s., theyre not mean, it's just their nature. Just because you ate a hamburger for lunch yesterday doesn't make you mean because you ate 'the poor cow.' Just sayin)
AJ - 2013-02-12
I have had a falco hawk for about 5 months now and I haven't had any problems with him. He is an awesome fish for my reef tank. Never has he eaten my hermit crabs, snails, or peppermint shrimp. The small glass shrimp I feed him periodically are consumed right away! I wonder if these other people are feeding theirs enough. Mine eats pellet food, freeze dried krill, frozen mysis shrimp, and the glass shrimp. I feed him twice a day, dropping one or two pieces of food in at a time until he no longer begs for more. I also have a clownfish that follows him around like they are paired up lol. This is a very fun fish, don't let the other people's comments scare you away.

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-15
    if it will fit in his mouth, he will eat it, just a matter of time. not so much the hard shelled critters, but the shrimp are living on borrowed time
  • paris - 2013-04-18
    yup I def. agree. I had a hawkfish sweet as can be for a few months then ate my huge cleaner shrimp.. all of them!! i caught him with the antennaes hanging out of his mouth!
  • Niglin - 2013-05-31
    I have a 'Falco hawkfish', they are too small to do any real damage, may eat shrimp.. Mine leaves everything alone except worms, and also eats pieces of fish that I target feed the brittle star. I think that people who are claiming they are attacking their other fish are idiots, something else is doing this in your tank, or you're just plain lying for attention.
Jeremy - 2010-11-27
AHHHH, YES.........the falco hawkfish is very beautiful and smart. Couldn't wait to get one and we named her lola. All was well in the the tank until we added blue leg hermits, a mandarin dragonet, and a mat of green star polyps. Well the "cute little hawk" became a killer when her Grouper instincts kicked in, she ate the hermits, terrorized the dragonet and started to rip the polpys out of the coral mat. Cute little lola, aka little grouper.(predator)

Casey - 2010-06-26
Just bought a star fish and shrimp ... dead within a day from the Falco Hawk ... my other fish are missing chunks out of there fine also ... they're really neat to watch, but I do not recommend if you want invertebrates.

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  • Cindy - 2010-11-13
    My Falco is very picky on who is in the tank with her. She becomes very aggressive on some fish and leaves others alone. I have had her for 8 years now and is now the only one left. I am afraid to get any more fish because I don't know who will last and who won't.
Lauren - 2010-06-07
I just bought a hawkfish and he's doing great with all my other fish. I haven't seen any aggressive behavior from him or my other fish. I think it all depends on the fish, some are naturally killers while others are calm and cool.

F - 2010-06-01
Ellen, I disagree. I have had my hawkfish for over a year and a half with a clownfish and a lawnmower blenny, and the 3 of them could not be happier! He is very content with other fish! You could not keep a tank full of hawkfish, because unless they are in a mated pair or harem, they will attack each other.

jacob - 2010-03-22
My falcos was mean only to new arrivals and was mean to all shrimp before he figured out they could clean him off and served a purpose to him other than lunch.

Matt - 2010-02-19
I was going to get one tomorrow....NOT now. Ii've got a Bi-Color angel, a Scopas tang, a powder Blue tang, 3 Firefish, a Percula, a Purple& yellow Dottieback, a banded Coral shrimp, 5 or 10 little bitty Hermit crabs, and a handful of Turbo snails, all in a 135. Thanks everybody, It would be really crappy if that fish upset my happy tank.

Thomas - 2009-07-06
I have been thinking about getting one of these for a while now. I thought they are very pretty and cute and fun looking fish to have...until i read all the comments on this site. Thanks to all who commented for helping me stay away from a apparently very disastrous decision!

Ellen - 2009-02-05
I started my aquarium with a hawkfish and 2 barrier reef chromis. 2 weeks later I have no chromis but the hawkfish seems fine having the whole tank to him self, like 200 litres. Hawkfish are great and have a big personality but they just arent community fish and unless you want to waste money on replacing fish all the time and cringing when you find another dead one, I'd take the hawkfish back to the shop... OR have a tank full of hawkfish!