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  "This lovely fish has a pearly white colour for the body and a yellow face with a blue stripe across the cheek. It is an easy-to-keep fish and makes an ideal introduction to gobies as long as there is enough substrate for them to sift through; it constantly digs for food particles...Rachel Dixon"   
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paul janjatovic - 2005-12-03
easy to keep fish once eating. i have raised a pair from very small to adulthood. they are now nearly 8 inches long and have laid eggs a few times. i have yet to try to raise the eggs. glass shrimp are ideal to feed to them. live sand is a must .....p

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  • Linda - 2011-01-30
    I have a blue cheek pair who have been doing well the male looks great [quite fat] but the female has disappeared for 6 days now. Could she be hiding? Presumably it's best not to try to look for her and disturb the rocks. Has this happened with yours? They are approx 10 cm long. Thanks! Linda.
Geoff - 2008-02-05
Just an observation. The Valenciennea strigata and all other Valenciennea gobys' are definitely not a good reef fish.
It is constantly digging the substrate for food and deleting beneficial organisms that the reef owner would want. Not to mention, they then deposit the substrate all over the expensive corals.

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  • Bob - 2010-12-04
    I agree with Geoff and have mixed feelings about this fish. It sifts sand which prevents a carpet of algae from forming, but it constantly grabs mouthfulls of sand and then swims about 8-10 inches up before releasing it. That sprinkles it over everything below. I have had mine a week, and not sure how long it will stay or if I can rearrange the corals away from the sand.
Heidi - 2010-07-08
Have a pair of sleeper goldenseal and what an amazing experience
It is to watch and observe. Likes the smallest pieces of chum, so I
call it. Shrimp, white fish, algae and such forth. Then go through the sand and grab the smallestest and then jeeps sifting. They have a few hiding places under rocks and such. Good eaters but like small shrimp& crustations! Cool fish.

jon - 2007-04-19
yeah.. i have a golden head sleeper and he is extremely territorial of his burrow. he sift sands onto the passing fish and wont let any one hang out by his burrow. i dont think this fish is as peaceful as its reputaion proceeds it. i found my close to dead sweetlips in his burrow once when i came from work, that fish is no longer in my tanks.

Anonymous - 2005-09-19
I've kept a golden headed sleeper goby in a tank with a seahorse, and this wasn't a good idea, as the goby was quite rough and quick moving around the seahorse.