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The Chain Moray Eel is listed as the 3rd most suitable eel to keep with fish, and each eel has it’s own unique pattern!
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Frederick Boyce - 2012-09-15
Can someone please identify the other moray in the photograph - the reddish one with the ocellated pattern?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    Moray Eels are very difficult to id... but my best guess is that they are all Gymnothorax kidako, or Chain Link Morays.

Big Dave - 2005-01-17
My chainlink hides most of the time until food hits the water. He eats like he is going to the electric chair in the morning. He never bothers other fish unless he is trying to eat and someone polks there snout in his business. My guy loves shrimp and silver sides. The stinkier the treat the more he will love it..very active at night

Ben compton - 2004-05-17
Chainlink eels are one of my favoite marine pets! Its fun to feed them and its fun to watch them swim at night!They are SUPER agressive when they are in a feeding frenzy!!They do give a painful bite when they are adults but when young there bites arent very painful at all.Have lots of caves for this creature(places to hide). They will out grow a 55gal tank,but they are not fast growing.I had mine for 5 months and is the same size when i bought it(it grown a 1/2in).Chainlink eels are very peaceful when during the day and dont bother fish,unless VERY hungry!This fish is worth every penny!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    OK what do you mean they are peaceful unless they are very hungry? That includes a whole lot of people, animals etc. Bite?