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The Clark's Clownfish is a showy anemonefish that is hardy and easily kept in the home aquarium!
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Rukshan - 2017-05-26
How many white line have amphiprion clarkii fish ( clown clarkii fish )

David - 2016-12-09
Have a clarkii had for sometime now but for the last two weeks since my purple tip anemone decided to go walk about around the tank he has refused to leave the centre fully submerging within the anenome all that is showing of him is the end of his yellow tail it is still moving so not to worried but may eject him question has anybody any answers to why this is

jonathan plate - 2012-07-02
I just gotten clarks clown fish one of them is swimming down tothe bottom of the tank. I was just wondering is that normal for their type of speices?

june - 2012-02-29
I have just bought my second clark clown fish but it seems to be flapping at the bottom of the tank and moving all the sand into a mound. It's only done this since I've switched the lights out. Is there a reason for this please

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-29
    Clownfish love to dig and rearrange. Very normal behavior. Some say it could be away to mark their territory. If they are flapping at the bottom as if they are itchy, test your water right away.
johan - 2011-01-15
I have a a pair clarkii hosting a condy anemone. The funny thing is that in total I only spent $15 on both and they both live inside a 11in condy anemone. All it took was like 1hr. clarkiis will host abt any anemone that they can fight into.

Steve Pivec - 2010-01-24
I just added a velvet damsel with the clarkii clown and the clarkii won't leave the damsel alone.

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  • Erika Taylor - 2010-06-20
    Clowns and Damsels are in the same family. They all tend to be incredibly territorial. Your clown's prolly just letting the newcomer know that (s)he's the one running the show, lol. Honestly, if the clown were removed for whatever reason and you were to introduce another clown or damsel, the Velvet would be the exact same way to them. Or later, say you were to add a Three Striped Damsel, Goby, or whatever, the likelihood of Clarkii and Velvet tag teaming them would almost be guaranteed. I have had my Clarkii (Omen) for over two years, is @ 5" long. Omen goes after the Watchmen Goby, went after the SUPER docile firefish (poor little guy), and even goes after the little scooter Blenny occasionally. Usually they tend to work it out. It's totally hard to watch sometimes, esp when there's more than one picking on just one. Alas, that's their nature. They're a-holes, really. What's helped me in the past is getting a $5 in-tank breeding net and either use it as a "time out" for the a-hole or to give the other one a break without having to set up yet ANOTHER tank. Good luck!
Mike - 2010-05-28
I have a Clarkii in a 72 gallon bow front with some pretty tough tankmates, a niger trigger, picasso trigger, a kole tang and a dragon wrasse and he has no problems holding his own. He hosts a condy anemone of all things, which are not normally host to any clown fish, and anyone in the tank that gets too close to his anemone is reminded that it belongs to him in no uncertain terms. I've read that they are a peaceful fish but I have yet to see that side of mine and wouldn't recomend putting one in with smaller or timid tank mates. That being said, if you have at least a semi aggresive tank I would highly recommend one, they are one of the most entertaining fish I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Dan - 2008-03-14
I keep a pair of these and they are very fun to watch. When I purchased them, both fish were bright orange. Soon after, the female started turning a dark brown. It took less than 5 hours for them to pairup with a sebae anemone (heteractis malu).

Rick - 2008-02-07
My Two-banded clownfish love my anemone so much. They spend most of their time in my anemone.

Anonymous - 2006-01-24
one of the easiest clown fish to care for but can be agressive