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The Pearlscale Butterflyfish is a fancy fellow with its pearly white scales edged in black!
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Thomas - 2009-07-06
This fish was definately a little more challenging to keep. Though we got it to eat live daphnia(spelling?), and then some scraps of cut up shrimp. It didn't eat at first, and it didn't eat at every feeding, but it figured it out. But it is so beautiful in our tank! The brilliant white seemed to sparkle in the light and this is one of my favorite all-time fish, bear in mind I haven't kept angelfish yet. I found when i was persistant and kept at it, we finally got it acclimated and it started eating progressively.
One tip, I think it helps with new fish, especially if they are fresh from the ocean that it has some hardy tank buddies to "show it" the ropes and what is food in it's new tank setting. Like learning from observation.

Matt - 2008-02-29
I have kept one of these for a little over 6 months now. They are very calm beautiful fish. Mine lives with a blue tang, blonde naso tang, orangefin tang, a sleeper goby, and a threadfin butterfly. This fish has never messed with any other fish. The blue tang used to try and pick on it because it was the smallest fish in the tank, but the chevron butterfly was always to fast for him. They get along fine now. Great fish!