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They call this a Keyhole Angelfish because of the white spot that looks just like a "keyhole"!
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FaJaun Chef Fairrow - 2014-10-12
Hello I'm really liking my Keyhole Angel also, I've had him a month he is shy and will come out to eat but when he see's people he goes back into hiding, but he gets along very well with my Domino Damsel, I'm gonna add a Kole yellow eye tang,or Tomini tang or two spot bristletooth tang I'm not sure yet.

kristen - 2006-04-01
I love my key hole angel. it is very shy. it only hangs out with my domino damsel fish and they tag team on my four striped damsel!
but right now my four strip damsel fish is much bigger but is a push over ever!

Chocolate Starfish - 2009-01-01
My Keyhole Angel eats anything, is always busy zubbing around the tank, and certainly not shy.

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  • stu - 2010-05-05
    I just added a keyhole to my aquarium. It only seems to eat the algae, and the packaged seaweed. No brine shrimp, or flakes. In the picture on this site, it shows a little pale in the face. Mine shows that now too. Is this common? Is it a phase? I did not notice when I first added but it was usually hiding. It has begun burrowing in the crushed coral under the live rock. This is a pretty fish, and I want to catch any health concerns.