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The French Angelfish is not only attractive, but has a friendly disposition with its keeper!
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John - 2012-08-15
I have a 2.5' long baby French Angel that I caught while snorkeling on a jetty at Padre Island, TX. I have it in a 20gal. Natural Gulf Tank (local live rock, natural local live sand, and natural Gulf seawater). It seems to be doing great and acclimated rapidly to my aquarium and recognizes me just two weeks after catching it! I love French Angels, they are so beautiful and fascinating.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-03-21
lol12988 - 2010-01-18
I love French Angelfish they are so adorible!

niels - 2007-02-26
i love my french angel! he is just changing into adult colours so is quiet a size. Extremely tame, he feeds from my hand and follows you round the room. a very inter - active fish! i couldnt be without one now as he is such a character!