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The Flame Angel is one of the most admired and popular of the dwarf angelfishes!
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Wendell - 2019-02-10
I’m into saltwater fish

Kim - 2016-09-27
I love my gorgeous flame angel, and have had her for over 10 years - no kidding! She was the second fish I ever got in my first reef tank, and she's been in three different systems over the years. Aside from coming home with ich and a successful treatment, she's never had anything since. She's been a model citizen, never eating any of my many types of corals, harassing fish or shrimp. I keep thinking she will die someday, but hasn't yet. Very enjoyable fish, constantly out swimming and darting through everything in the tank.

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  • Pro Reefs - 2016-10-20
    I have e 110 set up as reef. Lots of caves and places to play!
    I only have a few fish; tang. Damsel, and dragonett. She would love the tank! In fact I saw going to buy one for color. I'd love to give her a new home!
James - 2007-03-08
Our Flame Angel was not aggressive, but a very nosy fish, it checked out every aspect of the tank at least 1000 times! This is a note for anyone going to buy a flame angel, they are not the brightest fish ours got up in a big plastic wrecked ship and apparently couldn't get out. It was found dead in there, the water was checked and in perfect condition and the other fish were all fine. The angel was doing great one minute and then found dead in the ship. We think it might have gotten up in the ship and couldn't find it's way out and stressed too bad. I would not recommend any decorations in a tank with one of these except natural elements. We have since removed the ship and no other problems have occured with our fish since.

eric - 2005-06-14
I have had a Flame angel for 4 months now. He took 2 weeks to eat frozen foods, but started grazing straight away (140g reef tank). Doesn't touch corals, so far, but keeps chasing my small flame back angel. Would not mix him with any other pigmy angel.

craig warren - 2004-07-14
the flame angel looks nice in appearance but this has to have been the most annoying fish ive kept. it is very territorial especially when settled in the aquarium. i kept it with a zebra moray, porcupinefish, mimic tang, and shortfin lion. it would even boss the eel and puffer around they were near its prefered piece of rockwork. it is easy to keep but a bit of a waste of money as they are high priced.

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  • gabriel - 2012-06-17
    Yry to keep them on quarantine on a kritter keepers for 2 to 3 weeks to get them used to the other fish. We have had some problems with that type of stuff and it seems that this is the easy way to get rid of the problem. It made take some time but it works most off the time
flame angel - 2011-03-27
My flame angelfish swims sideways rather that straight up. I got him two weeks age. Is there anything wrong?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-03-29
    It sounds like he may have a swim bladder disease. This can happen to a new fish, though it is most common with goldfish. It could be a problem with water quality, fish that are in the tank have acclimated to whatever the conditions are, but less than perfect water can be hard on a new fish. Feeding it a few frozen peas (thaw them first) has been known to help. Good luck!
fish boy - 2011-03-11
Give him a name!

Anonymous - 2004-04-18
They are GREAT!!