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   This Blue-girdled Angelfish is probably the shyest of angelfish, but one of the most beautiful!
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Corey Crotty - 2009-09-23
Hey, I have just received a blue girdled angelfish and I have had it for a few days but it's not very active within the tank and it came with a small white spot on its forhead. I woke up today and it had spread right across the top of its head, do you know how to fix this and what it is...

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  • brian - 2010-05-11
    I don't know I'm not a professional.
harry - 2008-02-07
I have had this fish in my 6' reef tank for about a year. I have never had a problem with him. I also have a Queen Angel, Golden Angel, Emperor Angel, Powder Blue Tang, Blonde Naso Tang, Purple Tang, and a bunch of Gobys and Firefish. The fish nip at the corals once in a while but does not affect the growth. I have to cut and sell corals on occassion. I have SPS stony and LPS corals, leathers, mushrooms, many Zoes, and more growing out of the live rock. The fish get along great together. The oldest fish, a maroon clown, is over 8 years old. The Golden Angel was shy for awhile, about a month, but can be seen swimming in the open quite often now.

Ryan - 2007-07-21
Not hardy. Prone to parasites. Only Angelfish that I can not get to thrive in my care, and Ive owned many Angels for years.

Jigs - 2007-05-02
A fish that lives by its name; a truly MAJESTIC fish! It will never fail to amaze you.