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The flashy Bicolor Angel is a dwarf angelfish with vibrant yellows and blues!
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Janet - 2017-06-27
I have bicolor angelfish and I want to maintain clownfish anemone, does bicolor angelfish eat this species?

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  • Anonymous - 2018-11-29
    No its good with other fishes
Sayan - 2018-10-30
Hi I am just beginners, and my tank size is 30ltrs.without studying I purchase bicolour angel as it look awesome. Now it's 1day ,I have live rock and hiding space. He seems to be OK and happy and constantly picking at the rocks but don't eat marine foods. There is no way I can return. Plz suggest what to do.

Nicholas - 2010-01-13
I purchased a Bicolored Angle about 2 weeks ago, the Angel looks great and swims around and looks happy too! But he does not eat!
I tried flake food, fresh brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, freeze dried shrimp, roman lettuce etc... Is this normal?
What can I do?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-07-27
    Sometimes this can be tough. Continue with the variety until the Angel catches on....
  • cody - 2013-07-06
    I read that you can direct some sunlight to your tank and start some algae blooming and they will eat that to get them started. My tank already had some in hard to reach areas and when I introduced mine that was the first thing he went for then later started at other things as he settled in.
mike - 2012-09-05
Does any one now why my bicolour angel has lost all of its colour from the rear and only has the blue stipe through the eye left.  I've had this fish a year now the colour dissapeard 4 months ago, it seems healthy and happy and feeds well.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-05
    They will change a bit as they age.  Water quality changes and stress can also cause a change in color.
Anonymous - 2011-11-27
I have a new bi color angel. Although he does stop now and then to pick at live rock, he continually swims back and forth across the tank. He almost seems nervous? Is this normal?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
    Video on U-Tube of angelfish swimming angelfish and looks pretty normal for it to be going back and forth in the tank.
dao - 2006-12-13
Hi, i am a beginner. i bought a bicolor angelfish but, i think i will resell it. thanks for the info

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  • Louann Gwinn - 2011-11-19
    Aloha there! I completely agree with your thoughts. I’ve just shared it on the social networks.
  • Leontine Blonder - 2011-11-25
    Thanks for your post! I really liked it.
nathan - 2011-10-15
I just got a juvenile one and puffer today and its awesome!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-10-16
    Very Cool! Make sure you have plenty of different foods and get him eating. They can be finicky, but are very interesting fish. Good luck!
Ashley - 2011-01-22
All dwarf angels I've had (flame, coral beauty, and now bicolor named Bandit) are by far some of the most beautiful and playful of any of the smaller marine fish, but can also be tough for beginners and are actually quite dingy. Bandit won't stop swimming over to my maroon clownfish Moe's territory, to which he nips like crazy, but it never clicks and does it again. Dwarf angels are beautiful and fun fish to have, yet they sometimes make me wonder if the lights are on but nobodys home when it comes to this particular species.

Missy - 2007-02-18
My boyfriend bought me a bicolor angel for my tank today for our anniversary and it is absolutely gorgeous. i'm hoping he does not become difficult to keep. seems to be quite happy in his new enviornment. thanks for all the information.

john - 2005-03-08
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