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Maureen - 2022-02-18
we have a lovely 200 gal salt water fish tank since 1996 populated with 13 percula clown that we raised from eggs - it''s a loooong story

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Shane Arthur - 2009-02-21
I have a Synchiropus splendidus in a 20 gallon nano reef, have trained him to come eat pellets twice daily with my clowns. He eats well and is gaining weight normally.

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  • Sanctum Una Una - 2021-11-08
    I get incredible information in your blog.
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zoe - 2020-12-30
hey can i have a zabra sharks with a nurse sharks in a 15,000 g both in the same 15,000 g also can i keep a blacktip in a 3,000 g

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Anonymous - 2018-11-09
FK - 2013-08-13 I disagree with many of the conclusions, I got a extra large queen angelfish which is 6-7 inches in a 30 gallon half circle quarantine tank: 100x flow, two Maxi Jet 1200 in circulation mode facing downward 1300GPH each, using sure grip magnets, left and right corners, top, and back. Two Maxi jet 400's as power heads on the surface to the left and right of Reef Octopus Lx2000s skimmer running Ozone and a controller. Two watts per gallon actinic 03 and 10K, 20watts at night of actinic 03 on the floor behind tank as a night light (less stress which kills them) Variance for ORP probes are 21 to 24 millivolt tested in a 450mv solution, so running at ORP of 425 is really about 400mv which is one percent bacteria, no phosphates or nitrates, 'none'. I dose Red Sea foundation, colors, energy, and algae management for phosphate and nitrate, and replace 1/2 cup of carbon each day for residual ozone. The LX2000s it not supposed to run with any back pressure so the carbon bag is carefully put on upper shelve of water return coming up from the base of skimmer (above blue sponge compartment). I had to keep adjusting flow, find something that worked in a 27 high, 27 wide, half circle. When I finally ran Maxi Jet 1200's in circulation mode on top left and right corners downward, the ozone ran longer but the water was properly circulating as with returns from a sump which I do not use. The Red Sea X-Nitrate and X-Phosphate was the last addition, it says it prevents nuisance algae. I also had to use NO ICH marine for months, finally doubling dose, dosing twice a day, probably because of skimmer running Ozone and Carbon. It finally worked. Brine shrimp plus and anything from Ocean Nutrition it will eat (frozen, pellets, and flake food). It's in a tank with mushroom corals, encrusting corals, a baby trigger fish, damsel, and one small and large turbo snail, no problems.

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  • Andrew Harrington - 2020-10-24
    yet, what you have is a recipe for disaster and the fact you have had to treat for ich so many times already is proof that while the animal is surviving it is not thriving. things will do nothing but get worse, expect to lose most if not all your livestock. this is a classic case of a keeper doing what they want, not what's best for the animal.
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Tom - 2020-07-19
I have a zebra moray that is currently about 2'. He has been doing great and, a hungry mouth (he will come out and, eat daily. In the past week and, a half he has quit eating and, seemed to lay to one side when he swam around the rocks to change direction he would actually rotate his head to the other side and, his body would fallow as he swam. The past few days he hasn't hardly moved at all. Today he is laying with his head upside down and I noticed he has what looks to be prolapsed membranes (the ones on top of his head not the front nostrils) anyone have any experience with this? We have been doing WCs every week of 20%and, increased the water flow on circulation pumps.

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  • Jackie - 2020-10-09
    I AM HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I'm so surprised that someone else is having the same issue w/ theirs! My Zebra Steiped Moray Eel is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. I've had him for about 4 months now and my Eel developed his nasal cavity issue about 2 months ago. The employee at my preferred fish store told me he's never seen this before. He is EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE in his work & I COMPLETELY trust his judgement. But, again he's never seen this happen before. He said to do 20% water changes every other day until all my Nitrates, Nitrates & Ammonia levels are zero. (And keep the pH level stable also) I'm getting there slowly but surely. I've still got a little ways to go before my levels are zero. But my EELS inflammation has gotten bigger. It looks like 2 pink balls of chewed gum or pom-poms kinda on his head. Is that what your Eels nostrils look like? Thank you. I hope we can help each other figure this out. Jackie S
  • Editor's Note - 2020-10-14
    You might want to try antibiotic treatment soon.
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Nithin k - 2020-10-04
will Domino Damselfish survive in freshwater

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Ley - 2011-12-15
Hi ihave leopard eel about a meter long had it for about 2years always feeding fine 2months ago got in found it on the floor still alive put it back in the tank and started giving out this slimy stuff then went back to normal behaves well doesn't look any thinner but hasn't eaten in two months now tried all kinds of food live dead frozen fish shrimp don't now what to ddo can anyone help plz

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  • April - 2020-10-04
    Hello, I had a 4 foot tessalatta eel, when we was stressed he would go months without eating and was very picky, he only ate tilapia. If you go to super king market they have a big bag of filet talipia very very cheap. Also moray eels or any in that family can actually go months without eating so just keep offering food eventually he will eat. We had the same instance with our getting out they can live outside the tank for 3 hours. Make sure to have a heavy heavy lid. Ours pushed the lid open and got out
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Anonymous - 2020-09-14
Mine is very energetic and with lots of character. He eats almost anything.

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coree - 2011-11-09
Do they eat clownfish and damsels if not I'm getting one.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-11-09
    It really depends on the size of both the clownfish/damsels and the lionfish you get. If they are small enough to fit in the lionfish's mouth, there is a definite possibility of them being eaten!
  • Anonymous - 2012-03-13
    OK I wiil give you them for free.
  • alana - 2020-02-14
    if the lions are still looking for home please let me know... and any info you have regarding them
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Siobhan McDonald - 2019-11-08
I Am Adopting her i call her Dory


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