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   With a heritage traced to the Alpine mountain ponies, the Haflinger is very hardy and strong, but also sweet tempered!
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Janet - 2017-12-03
How smooth is the gait of the Haflingers horse?

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  • Anonymous - 2019-05-09
    from my experience, they have very smooth gaits especially the trot.
janet - 2015-07-08
I am looking to purchase a haflinger gelding for english riding on trails and ocean. Hopefully 15 hands with an age between 6-12. calm disposition of a 1-3 out of ten.

alessia - 2016-09-13
I am a begginer rider and my friend has a haflinger named Candy, she is super sweet but are haflingers good for begginer riders

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  • julianne - 2017-08-23
    No. I am also looking into getting into riding, and recently found out that Haflingers can be very pushy, and are best for Intermediate to Experienced riders. take riding lessons for about a year first, and then get one that is already saddle and halter broke.
  • Rob - 2017-09-24
    Hi Alessia. As with any breed, it just depends on the personality, experience, and training of the horse. We have a Haflinger that is perfect for beginners. :)
Crystal M - 2017-02-22
We have a 3 year old Haflinger/Appaloosa gelding. When we got him he was a stud colt. My daughter and I have taught him everything. He picks up his feet, leads, accepts saddle and bridle, trailers, bathes, and is a real joy to teach and be around. We are waiting for him to mature a little before we ride him. Looking forward to trail riding this guy nothing bothers him.

MACARIO PEREZ - 2016-09-02
I am interested in buying halfinger embryos

Anonymous - 2016-03-16
Our haflinger is a family pony Broke to drive single double Ride the same. We hook the tugs up to a tobagon with our Iowa snows and he likes it. So IIT spears.we don't have a off season with him, only hole in him is that he'll ruin a headstall if you don't take it off when tieing him up with halter underneath A real head rubber

.....?..... - 2012-02-05
I had a haffi. It bucked me off and nearly killed me! So now i hate them. Are they all like that?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-06
    I really am sorry you were thrown. Not fun, been there down that a whole bunch of times. You would have thought I would have learned. You can't get mad at a bicycle cuz it ran into the curb. You can't get mad at the curb for being there. You can't get mad at the stair cuz you tripped. You don't get mad at the horse cuz you got tossed. You get right back on and take it slow and easy - maybe just walk in the coral area for a few days. Wait until you are relaxed and comfortable. Walk - and walk until you and the horse are comfortable. Have someone with you. Now, if you believe the horse is ill, ill tempered, out of control - have a vet come out and check the horse.
  • Kaitlyn J - 2012-02-09
    Well clearly you are a novice rider! And No they are not! All horses bucked someone off. If you were riding a BROKE horse and riding PROPERLY that probably would not have happened.
  • eva - 2012-02-26
    You are a beginner no horse is bad. Bad ones are all only either untrained or mistreated.
  • Teresa - 2013-02-18
    Wow NO! I have been around lots of TW and SSH! But the Haflinger is a beautiful, well mannered, amazing horse! The first time I got on my geldings back I trusted him with my life. I will NEVER ride anything but a Haflinger ! God sent is that breed!
  • Anonymous - 2013-10-15
    All haflingers are not like this. I have one and she is so sweet! She tries so hard and she can even go on the bit very well. She is so cute and chunky!
  • Judy Strauss - 2015-11-29
    We have just bought a haflinger mare. She is 14 yrs old, and on her own. She has plenty of interaction with us because the stable/paddock is just at the back of the house. She has settled in really well and we have put the grandchildren on her and my sister, daughter in law and myself have all ridden her with no problems. She is a beautiful horse with a lovely friendly nature although she can be pushy but she has improved quickly with firm kind handling. (She has not had a lot of work over the last couple of years, but the previous user had borrowed her from a friend as a confidence builder because she had a bad experience and she had had several riders at a 'slack hack' day at a local pony club and went well with that) My idea is to use her as a pleasure horse, trail riding, maybe a bit of pony club and stuff like that. I have ridden her around our ten acre property to show her around and she went well. I am 58 years old and havent been on a horse for a few years!! Really pleased with our purchase. Judy, South Australia
kay - 2015-10-19
Hi. I am a 59 year old woman that has own horses for over 45 years. After falling off of me OTTB a few years ago I have lost most of my confidence when riding this horse. I do not ride him often but will keep him forever. Now I am looking for a Haflinger gelding to live with me forever. These horses appear to be just what I need for a perfect trail horse. I prefer a western trained horse between 8-15 years old. I also have an 27 year old Arabian that need to be retired. I live in Maryland and would love to find another forever friend. Anyone know where I could find him. Please contact me. Thanks

Anonymous - 2013-01-20
Just got my first halflinger. She's about 20 and is in a devent size pen with 5 other halflingers. They are all young and bully her. She is sweet and don't defend herself. I'm picking her up tomorrow and she will be all alone. Will she be unhappy being alone or will she be happy not getting picked on?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-21
    Should be happy to be in it's new home as long as you give her a lot of attention!
  • Deanne - 2013-03-22
    I have a haflinger and he was so miserable when kept on his own I had to move him. He simply loves to b e with others...I suppose they're all different . :)
  • destiny - 2013-11-18
    Haflingers are meant be in pairs I have 4 and they get along fine, if one team was to leave they will whinny till they get back.
  • destiny - 2013-11-18
    She will need a companion, or you will have to be with her 24/7! lol I have 4.
  • Edith - 2015-05-26
    I have had a single mare Haflinger who is so happy being alone! She is sweet,lovable and when ridden, is just a sweetheart. I, too was worried she is alone but have decided not to have such as goat, sheep, mini as we have a coyote, wild dog situation. At any rate, she is very happy alone with a lot of pasture and in at night with hay and water. She too is my first Haflinger.
  • Wendy - 2015-05-26
    I rescued my halflinger. After being moved ro several differentry barns, being harassed by other horses, and my not able to be there all the time made a huge problem in his personality. Now, Leo is with me 24/7. He is alone and is so happy. He fetches his bowl to me,tosses ball with me, courtseys, does ring around the rosey, and winnies every time I pull in from work. He is the love of my life. I would never own another breed nor will I ever hurt him by making him share my attention.
Jamie - 2012-10-20
I live in the Pilbara, in Western Australia would a Haflinger be able to take the hot weather here? It gets up to 45degrees nearly every day in summer, coldest is around 18degrees in winter. thanks :)

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-20
    I don't know why not as I think horses are pretty flexible with weather changes. I live in a desert, and there are all sorts of breeds kept by people here.
  • Kt - 2014-03-23
    Hi we have 3 haflingers, one we just got yesterday. We bought a pair and they are wild and crazy! We have tried to ride them only to be thrown off every time. They are very skittish we kind of gave up on riding them. They fight and have to be seperated because all are dominant. We are going to try to tie them to the tractor and make them walk slowly, hoping to try to calm them down to ride, wish us luck:) beautiful horses.