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  The Appaloosa is an American breed that was developed by the Nez Perce Indian tribe!
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Morgan - 2018-04-16
Billy Appaloosa gelding for sale £1000 He is a lovely natured 13.1 pony he is 9years old,I have had billy for a year and to be honest it’s a sad sale due to not enough time and my experience not being my strong point.Selling due to lack of time to reach her full potential. I would like billy to go to a loving caring experienced home where he is going to get the work and schooling he needs, he hasn’t been in work much in this last year either. He has a fantastic temperament, personality and bags of potential I have a 3year old and he is amazing around her and other children in my family.

Willa - 2012-01-26

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    Yes, they are good jumpers and in manycase they are trained for racin and jumping. hey are a fairly light horse. Now, if you re looking fr a horse that jut does competitive jumping - possibly you would want o keep looking but for a companion, disposition, raciing, ridding ad jumping this is a greeat pick.
  • brookie - 2016-03-30
    the are very good jumpers but they need love and good training
  • raelee garland - 2017-03-24
    they are very good jumpers they are also a one guy horse and if shown love and compashion thry will be a forever bestriend
  • Bentley - 2017-09-15
    I've never owned a horse of any breed. But, I have been around horses my whole life. Friends, family, ect. Thinking about buying an appy.
Anonymous - 2017-11-16
does anyone know what they eat?

Lucy - 2017-09-22
Well you say that the Appaloosa horses proper name is Equus caballus but it's wrong it is Equus ferus caballus

Cora - 2013-04-21
Many years ago, I read an old western book and it talked about a spotted stallion that they could never capture. It was very smart and cunning, and had a gait it travelled for miles and never tiring. In the mid-90's, I came across a man of indian background in southeastern British Columbia who had a gaited appaloosa. I own a 23 year old gaited morgan mare whom I spent many years on trailrides and packtrips in the mountains. The gait is short-strided and easy on my hips. Does anyone know of gaited appaloosa's or what bloodlines may carry that trait? Morgans were disposed of in the horse show world if they possessed that gait in eastern USA,but it is a gait that can be rode for miles and miles. I have seen 1 gaited appaloosa recently and am interested in one in the future. Thank you. Cora

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-23
    The ancestry of the original Appaloosa horses goes back to Spanish horses brought here by the Conquistadors (16th century). The Appaloosa was then crossed with Spanish bred Paso Fino horses, which resulted in a gaited stock horse. This is a smooth running type of gait that the breeders called the 'Indian Shuffle', and is only found in the old foundation lines of Appaloosas.

    The original Appaloosa genetic pool has been greatly diluted, resulting in very few gaited Appaloosa's. There are said to be some dedicated Appaloosa breeders that are trying to revitalize their foundation genetics. So if you could locate one of these breeders, there could be a possiblity of finding an Appaloosa with this gait.
  • Parisnoel - 2017-06-13
    Susan Boyd is a breeder of gaited Appaloosas.
    The Ranch name is--If Wishes We're Horses.
    Located in Paragould, AR.

    There are other breeders as well.
Alexis - 2017-02-01
I'm 13 years old now and my whole life I grew up around horses and we used to watch them for other people and my favorite was a white Appaloosa named key I mess her she passed on a while a go and I'm trying to find one but it's hard I can't so if any one can help pleas e help me I'm really excited

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  • raelee garland - 2017-03-24
    try going on facebook theres alot of horses included apps (appaloosas) or try like an SPCA center i wish u well hope u find your forver furr baby lol
Cilla Heydenreich - 2016-05-04
I've heard that you must be 16 years old to ride a 'hings' is it true my dauther is 13 and she got one as a present, he's about 4 years old

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  • Anonymous - 2016-11-11
    You can be any age to ride any horse
Anonymous - 2013-07-23
I plan on getting a baby appaloosa but I'm only 13 and have to pay for it myself. I'm so happy except I don't want to pay so much for something I may not enjoy. Would someone please tell me if this is the right choice or if I should go for something else!?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-25
    Appaloosas can have good temperaments. It depends! Other good horses are Quarter Horses and Paint Horses.
  • Anonymous - 2013-11-07
    definately how lucky. it is a once in a life time oportunity for a 13 year old, im 13 but im getting an appaloosa next year when i am 14.
  • bob ahaha - 2014-04-11
    I have one they're so cool very, good at pole bending get one it's cool!
  • Alli Erbeck - 2014-07-13
    They are very calm and a good calm ride. I'm 14 and have my own. I have no experience with male Appaloosas. But I have a female and she is low maintenance and always ready to ride. I'm not sure if it is common in others, but mine does not like when other horses are behind her, but she is paired with my miniature horse and is fine with it. Be careful!
  • noneya - 2014-09-18
    appoloosas are good jumpers too
  • Appylover101 - 2015-01-28
    Amazing choice! I have an Appy, and I adore her to the moon and back
  • Karlie - 2015-07-27
    I'm ten and have an appy he is the most love and gentle thing ever he is a good jumper he is very fast too so watch out but your definitely making the riight choice
  • Georgia Hummel - 2015-09-03
    I am 16 and have got my appaloosa when he was 13. He is amazing! Appaloosas are a very versatile breed. Mine has competed and placed in trail, halter, showmanship, english, western, horsemanship, equitation, reigning, western riding, barrels, poles, keyhole, flags, speed and action, and jumping. Plus he is always ready to go for just a plain old trail ride. He does this all and is blind.
  • unknown - 2015-09-15
    You r all so lucky to have an Appy. Me and my friend have to share a horse and its not an Appy.
  • brookie - 2016-02-12
    ya i had to pay for mine myself to and im only 12 so i would cleans stall and warm up horses for barrels to get my money my mom said that if i buy him myself she would help with the other expensens but he was so worth it!!!!! his trott is reallllllyyyyy bumpy but lope and gallops and a canters are really smooth and you dont usually have to use big spurs either
  • KIKI - 2016-03-09
    Congrats! My daughter just bought a 2 year old registered appy filly with excellent bloodlines. However since you are buying a baby, make sure you have a trainer, which will add extra costs! Our filly is going to away her first month this Saturday for training. Enjoy and good luck :)
Anonymous - 2015-08-04
i have a appaloosa mare she is hard to handle sometimes she is very bulky and strong she came from the Mt.Saint helens wild appaloosa fondation and was very wild she was sold in a auntion before i got her at 4 years old the people who had her before us sold her to us saying she was dead broke she wasnt even green broke so make sure u know whatbur buying

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  • brookie - 2016-02-17
    i wood of been pissed off is it a pretty appy
cassie cc;amik - 2015-11-10
I'm getting an appaloosa on 11-15-15, and its located in Wisconsin. I can't wait! How good is their temperament and are they good to ride?

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  • karlie lincoln - 2015-11-16
    yes appys are the best horses ever i have one
  • Jaymee Doherty - 2015-11-24
    I'm warning you now, but their trot is bumpy it's not even funny
  • Harley West - 2015-12-04
    Appaloosa are the best horses they are so sweet my horses name is pokadot.
  • Autumn Rossey - 2016-01-26
    appys are the best they are loveing and verry fast.
  • brookie - 2016-02-16
    they usually have a good temperament and they are really good to ride