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kay yeager - 2015-12-03
I just lost my Arab two weeks ago. He was 27 1/2. My best friend for over 26 years. By far the smartest horse I have ever met. Rode him two weeks before I had to put him down due to colic. Miss him so much. At 59 I thought that I may not get another horse but have started looking for another Arabian. I have a 16.3 ottb but want another small go to guy like my old Traveller.

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  • Grace - 2019-02-14
    so sad!!!!!!
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Sher khan - 2016-08-07
i want buy a horse .pls help me at low price

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  • Anonymous - 2019-02-06
    You can. Buy a mare in the range 20000 to 80000 from Pushkar fare of Rajasthan or sonepur fare of Bihar or sarangkheda fare of maharashtra.All of them are Indian states there are many other fares like this in India you can also buy horses above 2 lacks and below 50thousand rupees.Kathyawari horses are cheaper than Marwari.All the above prices are in Indian rupees
  • S & S Exotics Inc - 2019-02-06
    Hi, I have got 2 horses for sale. If you are still interested send me an email via and i can furnish you with more info and price. Regards
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Morgan - 2018-04-16
Billy Appaloosa gelding for sale £1000 He is a lovely natured 13.1 pony he is 9years old,I have had billy for a year and to be honest it’s a sad sale due to not enough time and my experience not being my strong point.Selling due to lack of time to reach her full potential. I would like billy to go to a loving caring experienced home where he is going to get the work and schooling he needs, he hasn’t been in work much in this last year either. He has a fantastic temperament, personality and bags of potential I have a 3year old and he is amazing around her and other children in my family.

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janet - 2015-07-08
I am looking to purchase a haflinger gelding for english riding on trails and ocean. Hopefully 15 hands with an age between 6-12. calm disposition of a 1-3 out of ten.

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Chris - 2017-07-28
Looking for a Bay Gelding to drive with our Black Gelding thank you!

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Alix - 2016-05-30
I have a 10yo rigistered Pintabian gelding (99.21% Arabian) for sale. Stunningly beautiful black and white shiny coat with a few spots of grey and bay. Asking $3800 US dollars. He is trained and has been shown lightly in hunt seat. However he could go any direction. Serious inquires only please. Located in central Minnesota, USA.

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  • Alexis Cosson - 2016-06-21
    Please let me know if your horse is still available? 803-847-6387 is my cell phone
  • Rose Combs - 2017-04-27
    Please send me photos, copies of Reg papers and copies of health records. How tall is he? Is he kept stalled or stall and pasture? Does he load easily? What do you feed him daily? How often is he ridden? Thank you.
  • Tess - 2018-02-21
    plz sent me some picks
  • clayton - 2018-04-19
    the 10yo registered pintabian gelding is still avaliable
    contact me for more information on (310)-596-3823
    or text
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Anonymous - 2012-01-26
FOR SALE: I've got a Lusitano filly for sale. mature approx. 15h Please don't be surprised if she is withdrawn from sale due to family matters.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    Thank you for letting us know.
  • Zoie - 2018-01-03
    Is your horse still for sale?
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mary - 2014-06-20
I am very interested in getting a Shetland pony, I have 5 acres frame with 2 horses, 1 donkey, and a duck, and I have handicap kids come by to spend time on the farm and I think that the pony would fix in just right if someone can help me, that would be great thanks very much.

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  • janet - 2014-08-24
    i will take her if you can meet me at huchuson dillens on 5 st
  • Richard AD Hendrix - 2017-10-20
    Kiss the cat and purr in it's ear!
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Ana - 2017-09-09
Where would I be able to get a Friesian Horse

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  • Williams - 2017-09-25
    If you are still searching for the Friesian horse ,just get back to us via email
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smith - 2017-05-25
we sell a variety of breeds contact for more info and details (856) 712-0329


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