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The Newfoundland is a calm, dignified dog that's reknown for its water rescue capabilities!
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Amanda - 2010-12-11
I love my newfie. They are also very sensitive to people. They want to make you happy. They above all enjoy your company most of all. If you are super busy and don't have time to spend with you Newfie this is not the right breed for you they are very dependent on their human companions.

Madonna Simmonds - 2008-10-10
I just love the Newfie dog and not just because I'm from the same island as the breed. They are beautiful animals, and I hope to have one or two of my own real soon. I did have a pet that was part Newfie that was mixed with the black variety Labrador Retriever. Trigger, was the runt of the litter and he turned out to be one of my best friends. He had the look of a Newfie but was smaller than both breeds, and the bonus was he didn't drool at all, and barely shed his coat. I haven't seen many mixes between the Labbie and the Newfie, but if someone wants an average size dog, that doesn't eat a lot, doesn't drool much, and has a coat that hardly sheds, this kind is the best of both breeds. They are protective of the family and will do the same as the full breed Newfie, standing between the aggressor and his family. All in all, either the Lab or Newfie, or a mix between the two, you can't go wrong with either.

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  • Mina - 2012-10-24
    I know. She breeds and shows her dogs-I'm sure if there was a dog that had some kind of phsyical or medical flaw she would not even consider buying it (and she would not question her love for the breed.)