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   The Pomeranian is a classy looking toy breed, being small and fluffy with a fox-like face.
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jerrymacson - 2019-08-20
Male And Female English Bulldog Puppies For Sale,CONTACT ME VIA TEXT FOR MORE DETAILS (682)302-1157

penny stephen - 2019-05-12
Angelic AKC Male and Female English Bulldog puppies for Re-homing! Incredibly Sweet. 100% Pure Breed male and female Puppy. very sweet with kids and all animals. They loves everyone and loves to Play. Sweet, beautiful, playful and very cute! They are all up to date on shots and potty trained. sweet and loving looking for a warm lap and a human snuggle buddy. Great with other dogs! They're kennel trained and knows their commands. They're love bug and loves children. They're love bug and really loves kids. They know potty outside, in your house, treats, etc. Friendly and social, They're beauty who would love to meet you.
Age: 12 weeks old m
Sex: Males & Females
Training: Pee pad & crate trained
Text for pics and details Via ....(702) 342-5374 ...Only Serious Inquiries

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  • yolanda m wilson - 2019-08-19
    where are they located ? and what are you ask for them. My birthday is coming up very soon.
Pascaline Cruz - 2019-04-29
Are you looking for that lifelong companion that will be a perfect partner? Your search is finally over. We have male and female healthy and well trained teacup Pomeranian puppies now ready for any lovely home.They are vet checked and potty trained, mom and dad are AKC registered and have all papers,Call/Text ** (727) 900-5127 .I assure you 100% that you will love them. **SERIOUS INQUIRIES**

Shawna Buchanan Staggs - 2015-09-17
I think this could be a great site or group to join. I have had a lot of poms over the years, I am a pom breeder. There can be a lot of things go wrong with these wee creatures. When something goes wrong, don't hesitate to take them to a vet, somethings are life threatening.

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  • Levitt Simone - 2018-03-16
    my name is Simone Levitt and the LOVE OF MY LIFE WAS MY POMERANIAN JOLIE.
    Named her Jolie Because She was so ugly at 10 weeks old hopping she would get beautiful as she grew?and she became a beaty,my love my life , we lived for each other.
    i am born in Paris France and she in America. BUT WE SPOKE THE SAME LANGUAGE, The language OF LOVE , I MISS HER TERRIBLY AND would love to aquire an other Pom.However, i am now much oldeirand would need a two or three years old !please give me good
Deloris Donahoo - 2016-02-05
we would like to have a young Pom female, have one female and our old fog died. This little girl is lonely and we would like to have another one for her. We live in Western Ky

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  • Jessica - 2016-02-15
    Hello how are you doing,i am sorry for the lost of your pet.We do have pom pups for sale,so if your still interested in getting any,do get back to me for recent pics and more details .

Deloris - 2016-02-02
I am looking to purchase or adopt a very young pom so that it can get used to my family and myself as it grows. I would like one closer to where I live, which is Waverly, TN. I am on a fixed income so cost is a concern, but this would be mostly for my companionship and travel buddy. I would prefer a female as I have a male dog already and he is not crazy about the male cats next door or male dogs that have visited. I thought I had one, but turned out to be a scam. Only serious sellers/adoptions contact please.

jesica - 2015-03-20
Hello to all. Do get back to me if you need a pom pop. I got a male and a female. Giving them out for adoption am moving to meet my husband and he does not like pom, so i need someone that will take very good care of my babies, get back asap *(jesicawhite10@gmail. Com)

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  • ANA REYES - 2015-09-07
    I have pom sha sha and she wad died 2 weeks ago, she was 12 years old, I was suffered from severe depression at the moment because of my dog, she was with me for 12 years, now im feel im alone and depress, I want another dog same breed of my dog please, me!!!!
  • Anonymous - 2015-11-30
    poms too hey. please no body give her money, she is a scammer. she sells english bulldogs from america to australia, medical supplies, look her email up on facebook. its a georgia number, but she apparantely sells animals all over the world. oh yeah, parrots are another scam from her. she will tell you she has a delivery service, you pay and don't receive. i encourage everyone to look her up. i will work hard at letting everyone know. i have authorities who have leads on bringing her down. research before you pay.
carol - 2015-06-29
I have 2 lovely poems Sammy 2 rescued at 5 months we had to have him neutered as one of his testicles hadn't dropped. He is so laid back he is almost horizontal. Kimba 20mths, we have had him since he was 14maths the same thing happened again. All was well for the first couple of months, he was a happy little chap then all of a sudden he started barking at traffic and going crazy when a car or wagon goes by. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-09
    You can try to figure out what is causing your dog to bark, one suggestion I read was to keep a log for a few days. Make notes everytime the dog barks with what's around the dog, what is going on at that time, and what you are doing. You may discover a reason why your little fellow is barking.
willow - 2012-01-28
I love Pomeranians to bits, but I am greiving as I have had to make the hardest choice I or any of you will ever have to make and that is to put your best mate to sleep when their time comes. Our girl was 20 yrs old.And we still miss her and will for a while yet. Leuka passed away Dec 21 2011.
Now she is at peace.

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  • Lori - 2012-02-19
    How wonderful you had 20 years with your girl! That is a wonderful long life and you and she were blessed to have eachother all those years. She is in a beautiful place in heaven. We have a girl Pom that is eight and I hope we are blessed like you were to have her for 20 years. Her name is Piper. We had collie whose name was Willow. I hope you find a new Pom to share with what you had with your Willow and give another Pom a long happy life with you too!
  • John Guysinger - 2012-05-28
    I know how you feel , I lost my Pom 4 weeks ago, she was killed. I had her for 14 years, she was my best friend , my traveling buddy .i miss her so much. Does the pain ever go away! I would like to get another , but will it be the same or am I just trying to hang on to her memory
  • Pat - 2012-11-20
    Hi Willow, google 'rainbow bridge. It's a poem that always makes me cry and feel better at the same time. Your Leuka will be there when you get there. Take care
  • jesica - 2015-03-20
    Hello get back to me asap, I have two cute poms for adoption.
  • Anonymous - 2015-06-09
    Yes, i am having some problems with my pom . She is about 9 years old. I think. Thats what i was told. She was 3 when i got her. She is sick now i think. Sometimes she cant walk. She is vety saf sometimes. Dont know what to do? I cant stand the thought of her not here? O feel real bad for you about your dog! I cant imagine how you feel. They arr like little children.i am sorry foryou! Bye my name is dar!
Kevin - 2011-08-12
I want to buy a pom puppy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-13
    So, are you going to do it?
  • krysta - 2012-02-01
    i have one
  • jesica - 2015-03-20
    Hello there do get back to me via mail so that we can talk on how you will get your puppy i have some available for adoption, get back asap.
  • jesica - 2015-03-20
    Get back asap, for more info I have some available for adoption (