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   The Cocker Spaniel gets its name from its ancestoral history of hunting woodcock in England!
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madhu - 2015-07-22
today i got a cocker spaniel dog(female) that name is chinnu,,,,,chinnu is only 1mounth old,its is cute and smart

Salvador - 2010-05-24
My cocker spaniel tried to bite my mom, even when she was leting him for a walk, we have treated him good. The vet says that he's angry, I don't really know whats up with that dog, can someone tell me how to help my dog?

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  • Kat - 2011-06-11
    If your dog is a male hes trying to show authority. Get him fixed and the problem will get better. You can also put him through obiedence training that will help a lot. Good Luck
alberto barrera - 2009-12-05
how long does a dog's menstrual cycle last? and how often do they occur?

Brittany - 2012-06-02
My husband and I had a Cocker Spaniel and were fairly pleased with him. He was a wonderful dog, loved attention, and was cuddly. It was very tough for us to send him to a new home. He was like one of our own children.

Anonymous - 2009-08-22
I am getting a cocker spaniel!