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   The Collie is most well known for its appearance as Lassie in the movie named after the lead dog. Lassie is a rough Collie, while the breed also comes in the smooth variety as shown in this picture. The Collie is a friendly, loyal, easily trainable, dog which makes it a great family pet.
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Joan Brundage - 2014-05-28
We adopted a Smooth collie mix---he is just lovely! Just a little bit stockier than a purebred. We've never had a collie before so I'm wondering---do Smooth Collies like to hunt rabbits? He is mesmerized by rabbits, not birds though. And he hardly ever barks except to let us know he wants to go for a walk---and that's a short commanding bark. He also tries to sing with me when I sing and have a voice lesson. He is VERY vocally expressive. When strangers come to the door, he doesn't bark but stands with me. I'd appreciate any knowledge you'd like to share with me about Smooth Collies you've known and loved. Thanks.

Cheyenne N. Pine - 2009-08-18
What would a Rough Collie and a Golden Retreiver mix be called?

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  • Anon - 2010-12-14
    A mutt.
Ann Punton - 2011-05-15
I would recommend the rough collie as a great family dog. Here in Scotland our rough collie males are on average 24 inches at the shoulder. Our dog Elvis is the sweetest natured dog you can imagine and we love him to bits. He is also a very beautiful sable and white dog.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-15
    Sounds like you love your puppy. Of course, I would love any puppy named Elvis. He has to be my favorite. Seriously, I love the collies.
Anonymous - 2013-01-11
How about a pyrelli name for the collie-pyrenees mix?

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  • Anonymous - 2013-01-11
    Great idea!
Barry - 2012-01-12
We have two blue merle rough collies in the UK. Surprisingly we find they are not that keen on long walks, even though they get them twice a day!

Can be yappy and yes, they do tend to over eat if you allow them to do so.

However, they are loyal, loving, and in our minds, the most beautiful dog ever bred.

Be prepared to allow time when out with them, as you will be stopped constantly and asked I bet they are hot in the summer!

Gary - 2010-10-29
Have you ever seen the fabled mix of Great Pyrenees and Smooth Haired Collie?

Very rare. But the smartest, most mischievous and outstandingly unique combinations of herding/explorer dogs (with unique brown diamonds around the eyes and a body nearly that of the normally pointy-faced Short-Haired Collie).

Any gimmicky combo-names come to mind?