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   The Border Collie is an active, intelligent, dog that is a great family companion. It is known for its exceptional ability to herd sheep with its eyes, and is also a great dog for sporting events.
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don h. - 2017-11-24
my border is Bert. His story: too smart, wish he helped the kids with their homework!!!. Knows every toy by name, will get the one i ask for on the first command, and usually takes only 3 times for him to know the name of a new toy. He has close to 30 toys. Never yard trained, he just seemed to pick up on the boundary. We live in the city with a small yard. We run / walk a lot. We use plain terms and commands ie; when on a walk he leads the way. I can tell him which direction to go by just saying turn right, left, go straight. He knows his right from left including which paw to give which comes in handy when cleaning. This is a small sample. He constantly is learning and always seems to want to learn. I can't see ever getting a different breed.

papi - 2016-01-07
Well i just got a dog and hes the best i love him

Cat - 2014-03-05
My dog's was Dora the explorer and she lived up to that name but she never strayed very far, came when called and she was my first dog and I loved her to bits. You'll always be in my heart dora my baby girl I love you.

jesse - 2009-09-21
I love these dogs. I have 1 that is really active. He can jump about 4 foot high. His name is charlie.

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  • Leila - 2011-08-17
    A neighbour of mine had a collie also and she used to love to play fetch with sticks. You just had to pick up a stick for her to get ready to aim! She was a real peoples dog and never bothered with other dogs. She had blue eyes.
David B - 2008-07-17
When I was growing up we had a border collie because my grandfather used them on his horse ranch and they were my father's favorite dog. The dogs name was Tippy and I must say, they are the smartest dog in the world! He was a great family dog, very protective (I have 2 brothers and 1 sister) and was very good at understanding what was going on in humans heads. He always understood what you wanted and was more than willing to do it! I will never forget that dog.

Anonymous - 2009-04-20
I love these dogs. They are the smartest dog I've ever seen. They are also extremely active. They will try to herd everything and everyone. Mine herd everything from our ducks and chickens to my thoroughbreds. I couldn't imagine a better dog breed.

Jenny Gregson - 2009-02-24
Border collies are used for herding sheep in a big way in Australia.

Also there is a series of Sheepdog Trials held every year in country towns. Each dog has to herd 3 sheep around a set course and into a pen, guided by only verbal instructions from the handler. There is one held in Grenoch, South Australia, which does the whole Scottish thing, with Pipe bands and Highland dancing.

There's even been a series of Sheepdog Trials on TV.