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Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful tapestry of wonderful interweaving colors!
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Zaki Basra - 2018-04-09
It is family cat and trained

Dawn - 2017-10-15
Lili is my little girl. She was rescued by my friend, Lili, who witnessed a human toss her into a garbage dumpster as a tiny kitten. So, my human friend-Lili, went “Dumpster Diving “ rescued Lili (my feline daughter). I’ve been the human mother of Lili for 10 years. She has a sparkling personality, is protective of me (and I am of her, too), and she is such a social girl. Loves to meet others. Enjoys pretty collars, and bells. Demands a daily schedule-she isn’t a fan of change. She also has GI and kidney problems. Must have prescription diet.

tammy ryerson - 2016-02-07
My tortie is a bit over a year old and now she sits in front of me meawing.she jas food water clean litter shes an inside girl shes fixed and when shes meawing at me she won't play or let me pet her.iam so confused lol

Kelly - 2010-06-24
I have 3 two year old tortie's they are all sisters. I love these cats they all have different personalities but all loving. My husband and daughter have developed a cat allergy. I have tried to pretend it wasn't so, but living in Jupiter, Florida with their summer coats falling off every day I can't hide the fact that I have to do something about it. I can't bring them to a shelter, I love them too much. I have to find someone that will love them and appreciate the loving, loyal, and funny cats they have grown to become. I need help, anyone know anyone that might want to love these wonderful cats?

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  • Danielle Chavez - 2015-12-12
    Have you found a home for your tortishell cats? We had adopted one a yr ago and she quickly became our number one pet. So loving, bossy and playful. She was hit by a car in front of our house last week and it was devastating. She was my daughter's bday gift last yr.
Nancy Thorgaard - 2012-01-16
My female tortie is now about 16 years old. She belonged to my brothers former wife since before they married. He was going to take it back to the animal shelter because the cat made so much noise! At the time I wondered how he could even fathom the idea? Well, I offered to take her instead. This cat, Isis, rarely shuts up! She joins in with human conversations as if she has something important to add. She greets everyone at the door, enthusiastically! We have seen her climb up the back of a step ladder to get into the face of whomever is standing on the ladder and see what was going on. She then lets out a loud, 'RAOWWW'. I wish I could read her mind. But, she won't be held and she never sleeps in our laps. I have heard this is typical. Another tortie owner asked me, 'Does she (Isis) have an attitude?'. I guess certain personality traits go along with that distinctive coat!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    Don't you wish you could read their minds at times. You know they understand all that you say but sometimes they just aren't clear back.
  • Mark O - 2012-02-05
    Sounds awfully familiar! Mojo is about 10 years old, and a tortie with loads of brio and curiosity. I found her when I was looking for an older kitten to live alongside Commanche, our tabby. His sister had gone missing about 6 months before, and we wanted to find a cat that he would accept (he's a grumpy old so and so). I went to a local RSPCA cat rescue, and had gone all the way down the rows and decided the cats there were all too young or old for him to take to - when all of a sudden Mojo uncurled herself from under the older cat she was sharing a basket with, and stood up against the window of her cubicle to see what was going on. We became friends at that instant. When I collected her a week later, she didn't stop crying all the way home - 70 miles! Commanche and her got on fine, and she's been a wonderful cat to live with ever since. She always wants to know what's going on, and comes to help. - The first instance was when I was using an electric breaker in the garden to break up big lumps of concrete. Commanche went and hid, but she wouldn't go away - she watched me from start to finish, just a couple of yards away. She purrs constantly, hunts voraciously and talks to you all the time. The only time there's trouble is the annual inoculations - she climbs up my chest trying to get away from the vet with a 'how could you do this to me AGAIN?' look on her face. I don't see her so often as my partner and I split up a few years ago, but every time I see her we get back together again. Love her to bits.
  • Rebecca - 2012-06-08
    Hi, Nancy. Torties are notoriouse for their 'catitude.' The only reason that my Hekitty gets on my lap now is that her mother died when she was only 5 weeks old, and I took her then. She was eating well enough, but she 'rootled' in the crook of my arm, nuzzing and kneading, since I was the closest thing to 'Mom' she had left. And even after 4 years, I can NOT pick her up without a chase and battle, and I can't HOLD her. She gets in my lap to curl and nap, or to rootle, but she won't tolerate being confined in any way. I don't know if the snits and aloofness are actually linked to the color pattern, but I've heard lots of experienced cat people who seem to think so. And yes, they are VERY talkative, and into everything. Best advice, take it slow. She's a cranky old lady, set in her ways, who has had her whole life turned upside down. When you're sitting down, pat your tummy or legs to invite, and one day, she might just surprise you!
  • Shirley - 2015-11-15
    My tortie Maliyah is now 7 months old. Her mom and dad were rescue kittens. The mom is a beige tabby and the dad was black and white. From the minute she was born she let her brothers and i know she was special. I didn't know anything about tories. She is always so talkative but sometimes runs away still hearing a loud noise. She is very loveable and always grooms her adorable and beautiful.
Amy - 2015-10-27
My tortoise shell had kittens a couple of weeks ago. The father was black. One kitten is black, one has a few tortoise shell markings and one is black except for its face which is tortoise shell. very odd looking. It will be called funny face. If it happens to be male, then it will be dirty face. All are soooo cute.

Donna - 2014-07-15
When my kittens were found everyone assumed they were brother and sister. My Mercy was a Tortoise Shell. The other cat I believe was a Calico. They mated and had a litter. I believe I am a victim of a prank. When my former so called friends and certain relative that married into a family that married relatives. They were trying to make me eat my words. I gave the whole family away. These evil people were looking for any negative thing on me. They believe I favord my tabby mostly white. I knew my Mercy was a beautiful cat that acted lady like. Her manners were beautiful. She got the boot because we all assume she mated with her brother. PLEASE tell me Tortoise SHell cats are a different breed. How do I get my baby back.

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  • Jordan - 2014-08-22
    The likely hood of your baby mating with the brother from another litter is very possible, but unlike humans, a cat's first imbred litter will have no ill effects. Torties are made by mating a black (variation of markings) cat and an orange(variation of markings) cat together. They are in no sort a different breed from a calico, the pattern in which the fur lays is the only difference.
  • Jenn - 2015-08-20
    Tortoiseshell cats are not a different breed, but if you had a true calico and a true tortoiseshell those colorations are both usually female! It's very rare for either to be male. So the one that was pregnant might have been pregnant already from another cat, sorry to say.
Donna - 2014-07-15
I believe a prank was played on me. A man in the park said his big dog would eat these two kittens. People I know believe I need more responsibility. Well two little kitties were rescued by me ready or not. They are three years old. Mercy a beautiful girl that was very girly and a Tortoise Shell. She was born with a cross on her forehead. When she was found everyone believe and I that she got pregnant by her brother. Well I gave the whole family away. I went back for her. I was told she came down with the ringworms. I said get my girl well and spay her. Too many misunderstandings. She was adopted out my heart went too. She is my daughter that was smart and God fearing. She gave birth too young but wanted my assurance. My cats taught me well. I cry some times. I understand she has a good home. I hope she never forgets me. Her broo was six and one died. The shelter gave me the boy back. They said he isn't social like me. Mercy personality showed that she had charisma and class. My gem got away. She shined like diamonds. Life is the best teacher. My baby is gone. She experienced too much to fast. I love you girl. May Jesus richly bless you. I am sorry that I let you get away. Bread of Heaven shine on my Mercy girl. Pray that I will see her again.

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  • Gabriele Wittig - 2015-08-17
    Don't be sad, because maybe she is leaving with me in Munich now. Look... These cats don't live only once. They are sisters born in February in Spain and thrown away. I gave them a new loving home. Maybe that can help You to understand, thar she didn't leave You...

    Greetings from Munich

    Gabi, Zelda and Midna
Kevin - 2015-01-17
I brought a female tortoise shell kitten home from the shelter 2 days ago. The first night she cried, the second day she went in the socialize, and play mode. I named her 'Dina' because of her energy. A very active and affectionate cat that has a propensity for talking. Very entertaining to watch, and very demanding when she decides to get attention from me. I have had quite a few cats over the years, this one has adjusted very quickly. I dont know if I am training her or if she is traing

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  • Steve Siles - 2015-08-08
    Hi I was looking and i realized how much Dina looked like my Beloved lost Coco I couldn't help crying :(Coco was the same exact colored pattern's under neath the chin in the center, the white was on her left side and the black to the right... This is Destiny They Both have it. Coco was 9 years old' She Past Away on 6/17/2015 2 months ago, Congestive Heart failure due to Heart Disease Fluid in her lungs When i saw Dina I Lost it, She brought the joy and tears in my eyes again, Coco left me to continue to raise her 2 Brother's and her Daughter Calico' Please if you know of more Tortoishell Kittens like Them. Please inform me. my name is Steven Siles I Can be reached throw my e-mail my cell 1310-487-3304 Thank you so very much, 'Coco' had a home w us, and we miss her terribly... I'm not here to replace Coco' for another her? I want to Adopt another one like her, to give all the love and comfort that she deserves They'll never be another one like our former Baby's that past on; But by providing a home for our new Baby's means the world to us pet owner's and Happiness once more!!!
Anonymous - 2014-09-03
A mixed breed.