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The Turkish Angora is a rare cat breed and a valued treasure in the cat fancy community!
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Mimi - 2017-03-06
I had a male TA about almost 7 years ago. Reading other people's stories about their pet TAs bring back memories and I'm still heartbroken over my loss. Well, actually my roommates then neglectfully left the balcony door open and my TA, named Edward must have climbed up over, probably slipped and fell and did not know how to get back to our apartment. He was an indoor cat. I missed him everyday it hurts like the hurt I feel remembering my grandmother. They are the two creatures I ever loved so much it hurts. Edward was a big beautiful white cat, with soft blue eyes, pink nosed and pink pawed. I had named him after the main character in Twilight at that time when it was a thing. I was his favorite human I could tell, no doubt about it. He always liked to bump and brush his head up against my face when I tell him to “kiss mommy!” Never fails. He plays throw and fetch with me with his favorite toy, which was a pink nemo stuffie I got him. When I get tired of throwing it at him, I'd hide it and he’d looked around perplexed, wondering perhaps as to where it might have gone. He'd come up to bed with me to sleep beside me and on me for as long as I'm still lying down sleeping, I'd wake up even before he does. Even if I tell him off, he'd back away for a short while but shortly after, will slowly walk back up to me again when I'm not looking. I guess he just wants to be where I am. I miss him climbing up to our kitchen chair just to watch me make my morning coffee everyday when I get ready for work. He is a very funny cat. One time when he was smaller, he was playing with my other two cats about the same age as he was then, they were running around and trying to see who can get to the tiny cat sleeping bag first. When he got his turn and was able to jump in, after a few seconds of playing paw fight with the other two kittens I had he fell asleep almost immediately and was basically dangling head back because the bag was hanging up in a hook, not too high, just almost to the ground. I remember that moment, I was so amused by him, my heart felt genuinely happy just watching him like that. I have had conversations with him, he will keep talking back to me as long as I keep talking to him, even as he was falling asleep, eyes half closed, he'd still managed a meow while already lying on his head ready to snooze. Like how it is having a conversation with my husband at night, we can talk until one of us gets tired first, and before we know it, one of us has already fallen asleep straight to Neverland. Edward was that. I am inlove with him, my Edward. I have had cats after him but no one else has come close to his sweet adorable nature. I consider myself lucky to have had the wonderful chance to have shared special times with my TA. And the fact that no other cat has ever loved me as much as the way he did.

Louise&Jay Gerringer - 2016-12-20
We have a handsome male angora named Casper, he is very loving, and has become a lap kitty. He gets along with our female tabby named Gray. He loves to sit in the window and watch our local Pennsylvania Blue Jays, chipmunks and squrells. He has a hard time making up his mind whose lap to fall asleep on in the evening.

maja - 2016-01-20
Hy, I had beautifull TUA male Unkas, born 08.10.2009., He was 6 y and 3 m old when he passed away this Sunday, 17.01.2016. .He was purchased from the famous catery in Prague with all papers, healthy ,adorable,always so acive, playfull.Then,suddenly this Sunday morning he fell in the kitchen and was instantly dead.It was horrible, we were all completely shocked as he was only 6 years old and in perefect health, or so we thought,but certainly there was not a sign that something was wrong.So why he collapsed without any prior symptom leaving us in such pain and sorrow, I just could not comprehend. Does anyone has any clue to this,I would say, mystery. Desperate owner

Linda Allen - 2015-03-31
I am searching for a black or dar grey turkish angora kitten. I had a beautiful Black Male Angora who passed about a year ago. I am ready to love another. Thank you.

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  • mansoor khan - 2015-11-11
    i have black a turkish angora kitten...
Scott Lincoln - 2015-10-10
Hi, Recently my Turkish Angora passed away, he was eleven years old. To fill the void I am missing I'm in search of a new companion. I request that my cat/kitten be a male, and all white. I don't have a prefence to eye color. I will NOT declaw my cat. I don't have any other animals in my home and my ten year old boy was raised to love and respect all living creatures. I am located in Milwaukee Wisconsin and will drive to meet/pickup my new member of our family. I am not a breeder or will have my cat in any "cat" shows. I appreciate the beauty and personality of the Angoras and that is why I'm in search of a pure breed. Please contact me if anyone has any information regarding a kitten/ cat that is ready for adoption.

girish borkar - 2015-08-08
dreamed of taking a turkish angora.

Momo - 2015-01-13
I need to ask that how often should we wash Turkish angora cat ,, please reply those who are experienced?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-13
    Cats are great at grooming their fur, so really don't need bathing. But the Turkish Angora, like other long-haired cats, should be brushed weekly.
  • Elei - 2015-01-17
    Hey. clean your cat 1 time every week. …
erica guy - 2008-02-05
nice cats

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  • Luc - 2011-01-22
    Here is a picture of my cat which I rescued at four months old. I believe that the closest feline he resembles would be the "Turkish Angora." I would like to report some behavior that I would have not expected, having being raised by a couple of cats and dogs as I grew up. This feline, opens up cupboards and turns off lights, loves the water and even enjoys canine company. I challenge anybody to tell me that this isn't the cat that I think it in the photo. Anyways, would love to have more advice on this obscure breed- lucgreen
  • Imiseannie - 2014-10-09
    Sound to me like you got the Turkish part right, but I think you might have a turkish van. If all white; then a Turkish vankedisi. I have two and they have exactly the same behaviour. They are rare and I call mine my precious little gems. They are super intelligent and are so loyal to their human. Congrats, a special little one you have there!
Kelly Curtis Spangler - 2013-05-21
I adopted a 5 yr old Turkish Angora. She is white with one blue and one gold eye. They say on here (the video) that they don't need much grooming, however, my Lilly sheds like crazy leaving the chair she claimed as her 'throne' white. Also I find balls of fur everywhere lol. Well I also have two black British Bombay cats and one Black and White long hair cat and they shed a lot less. Other than that, she is the best kitty ever. She licks you and hugs you and she loves to what I call 'Happy Paw' for confort. She def. took charge over the other cats as the Alpha cat. LOVE this breed, just wish the fur would stop flying. ahhahah!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-21
    She sounds adorable, but then... I'm partial to long-haired gorgeous cats too:)
  • Kelly Curtis Spangler - 2013-06-05
    She is !! :)
  • Jase - 2014-02-26
    I have a bombay and he is the coolest little kitten. My daughters talked me into him after years of hating cats and never wanting one, I have to say I am glad we adopted him. I have READ that the Angora breed does not get its full coat till around 2 years old which might be when it stops shedding so bad. I also read that they will shed a lot more in hotter climates. If that helps I don't know.
  • Leela - 2014-07-01
    You should get furgopet comb, it helps A LOT. I tried many different brushes and mitts. This one works so well and even my other short hair cat likes it. I found two angora kittens so I have a lot of brushing to do ^.*
ranamaria - 2014-04-19
I own a sweet and adorable Angora :) Her name is Beauty. Today is her birthday. Beauty turns one :D