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The Sphynx Cat is truly an extraordinary breed, a hairless cat that's also an extrovert!
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Niall Byrne - 2019-11-08
I Will get one for her day off i called her Permafrost

Anna - 2018-05-10
we do have litters of the Bengal cat available for interested homes. brown silver and silver mink charcoal contact us for price and pickup live a text and we will call you back.. phone:(434) 233-4396

Linda W. - 2017-06-01
My brother just adopted a 'moon' cat, but there may be more to the name. It is charcoal grey shout through with silver. Does anyone recognize this breed?

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  • Joanna Phillips - 2018-05-10
    The cat you are describing is a spyinx
Theresa Pratt - 2012-04-16
i have a male sphinx 1 yr old the lady that I purchased him from told me the mom didn't feed them so she syringe feed the 5 of them. When I got him home he was very cuddley he wanted to go my neck and suck on it every morning. At 4:30 am he would start this. He's gotton better as far as its not at 4:30 am but he still want to do this and he wants the left side of my neck. He will come and paw at my back making this little cry noise so I decieded I wasnt going to roll over I just wanted to sleep. Boy that's not what happened. My cat wanted to the end of the bed and glared at me and then lunged into my face. I threw my arm up and took the bite on my arm four puctures and claw marks this has happen about 6 times and each time its becauce I made him mad and every time he would bite and leave puntures from his fange teeth. How can I stop him. I've tried hitting with my pillow yelling no he a great little guy and very loving hope someone can help thanks theresa

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-16
    Sphinx cats have some really peculiar and odd little traits although attacking a person I have never heard. Jumping - big time and attention and play yes but not attacking. I'd have him sleep in a different room where the kitty kitter is located. Put a kitty bed in the laudry room or bathroom along with the litter and let him sleep in there. Hopefull in a couple of weeks - he forgets about the neck and the game he probably think you are playing.
  • the cat god - 2013-10-07
    Okay you probably need to figure this out cause its weird..... maybe your cat wants the sexuals.
  • fran - 2014-02-27
    Keep your house cold and get a small electric heater, he will stay by that or try biting him back.
  • Brenda - 2015-08-13
    He is needing to suck find some thing he can suck on! It is calming to them.
Agela - 2015-08-01
12weeks stunning silver blue boy & girl Sphynx Kitten for good homes.

Theresa Pratt - 2012-04-16
Oh p.s. each time the attack was over him wanting my neck and I didnt roll over.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-16
    They are stubborn - let him sleep in another room until he forgets the game the two of you have gotten yourselves into. Just try it.
Greggi - 2012-02-05
My fried thinks these cats are UGLY! I don't think so but could someone tell me if they are ugly or are-not ugly please? thanks to bits,
your admiring and dumb, animal loving guy, GREGGI the GREAT!!!!!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-06
    I know these cats are not ugly but they are definitely unusual looking. They have a very loving temperment and a regal nature. They are so warm and they are curious and into just about everything and they love their humans. I think this is a great breed and am just crazy about them. I love their funny little meow and they are so expressive. Unusual looking yes - ugly - no way.
  • Ellen - 2012-02-06
    NO ANIMALS ARE UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
JU - 2007-09-23
I had an American shorthair growing up and a Ragdoll, but Sphynxs are the best cat for me. I adopted a retired breeding female (who had no trouble rearing her kittens). She is loving and affectionate. She never bites or scratches. When mad she growls and smacks with her claws in their sheaths. She is 12 years old and in good health. In 4 years she's needed vet attention once because of a poisoning, otherwise no problems. She likes to walk on a leash and travel on my shoulder or hiding in a handbag. Though I can't sneak her in anywhere as she purrs like a motorboat. I love her very much and hope to one day adopt another retired breeder or show cat. For individualised attention and love.