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The Cornish Rex Cat is a very unique looking breed, delicately built but very athletic!
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Martha - 2013-05-10
My cornish rex is 5 yrs. old. He has a bad skin problems. He scratches him self tell he bleeds. Does anyone else have this problem? If so can you help? Because my Vet. sure cant.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-10
    Skin problems are most often related to diet in this breed. A deficiency in vitamin E can cause eczema, rashes, and even hair loss. Some Cornish Rex Cats also need regular bathing. Cats have normal oily secretions on their skin. Like all cats, the Rex can get a buildup of sebaceous secretions, but its hair is too short to absorb them as with ordinary cats. It can make the coat look greasy and can cause skin problems. The amount of bathing varies with each individual, some need a weekly bath while other can go for months in between baths. Hope this helps.
  • Linda - 2016-07-09
    My Rex had similar problems. Bit turned out she was alergic to grain. I changed her to grain free cat food Did the trick
  • trisch connolley - 2017-11-27
    i rescued a c rex n he keeps pulling his hair out! any recommendations please!
Ashley O\'Brien - 2014-12-20
Hi, I have an absolutely adorable Cornish Rex called Tommy.He is actually a she but its too late to change his (her) name now, and I still think of him as my little guy, weird huh?.Tommy came to me in an odd way,apparently my neighbour, found him inside a cage, covered with a white blanket,abandoned on a roadside rest spot! They rescued him of course, and named him Tommy. I knew nothing of this until very soon he showed up on my doorstep , I picked him up, and we have been best buds ever since, he (she) sleeps under my blankets with me in winter, and in summer he sleeps next to my head on another pillow.I did check to see if he was on any of the local and national lost and found data bases, but found nothing, which didnt really surprise me, given how he was found.I think he chose to stay with me because I give him everything to make him happy-a quiet house (no screaming, grabby, rough little kids-like my neigbours!), he gets a good variety of wet and dry food, proper vet care, and lots and lots of cuddles and play! He is sort of a light goldish color, with light brown ears,which are not typically large,beautiful blue eyes. he's missing some hair between his ears on top across his head,and also almost bald on both sides just foward of his ears, I see thats common tho, and may be genetic.He is very intelligent, very obediant, and loves water! right now as I type this he is sleeping in front of me on a rug under a lamp, and very content I think!

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  • ray - 2015-02-15
    A Cornish Rex must be the ugliest horrible looking cat I have ever seen. who cares about their nature which appears to me as nothing out of the ordinary. Hardly adorable with a face that puts the creeps into you. Should be 'drowned at birth'. Bloody horrible.
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-15
    I think these cats are very unique, and I'm glad you've got such a great home for Tommy. Of course there's people like the fellow above, who seem to have a hard time finding the beauty in life's diversity:) But don't take such naysaying to heart, you are very lucky to have such a rich experience as keeping this cat.
  • J - 2015-03-01
    Ray, you're obviously one of those men who surf the internet to find things to make hateful comments about to compensate for your low self esteem due to your tiny reproductive organ. You clearly have no interest in cats or Cornish Rex
  • kat - 2016-12-30
    Ray, speaking of being drowned at birth, it's too bad that didn't happen to you!
Kori - 2010-05-31
My Cornish Rex is only 3 months old and has an absolutely hilarious and goofy personality while being extremely cute and lovable at the same time. I got him from a wonderful cattery called Texas Rexes and he is black with white markings and a white mask. His name is Ridin' Solo but I call him Solo for short, sometimes I also refer to him as Little Solito (haha!). He is very insistent when it comes to meowing in order to get what he wants. I love when he gets into his sleepy/snuggly moods, but he's it's also very amusing to play with him. He is just a great kitten all around.

leopold - 2010-03-08
I think my Cornish rex has more bald spots right now than before, has this ever happen to you? do you know the cause?

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  • lee - 2011-03-01
    My vet told me that due to the fact that rexs are missing that extra layer of fur, when they go through normal shedding cycles, it is much more noticeable to us. Wait and see if it doesn't grow back in. My newest rex was practically bald as a kitten, then had fur, and as he ages, seems to be going back to the sphynx look, with a mohawk across his back. Odd, but cute. I feed him the best so guess it's just his pattern.
mary - 2010-10-12
We recently got a 3 year old Cornish Rex. We rescued her from the OSPCA. She's a wonderful cat. The only thing is that she does not have that much fur. She looks more like a Sphynx cat. Any one know why? But all in all she a wonderful cat!

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  • Jami - 2011-02-01
    Do not be concerned, cornish rex hair length and quantity can very greatly from cat to cat, plus the general nature of rex hair makes it more delicate. My own rex is also relatively hairless, however hers is due to over grooming. Some rex's naturally are mostly bald or have only a very light, soft layer of fur known as felt. Since your cat is a rescue it is also possible that poor diet/housing may be a factor and with time and improved nutrition a thicker coat may grow in.
  • dan hamel - 2011-10-24
    I got my 3 year old about 6 months ago and her hair was dull and very little of it but now she runs the house and her hair is wonderful and very full looks like a different cat. Eveyone who saw her when I first got her can't believe it's the same cat. Maybe love food and time will help.
Marjorie Jumisco - 2010-12-08
My darling Cornish, Luther, has suddenly developed brown pigment spots in one eye. He is 6 years old. Does anyone know if this is harming his eye?

Anonymous - 2009-01-25
I have an adorable 11-year-old Cornish Rex. She is still playful and boisterous as the day I brought her home when she was 6 weeks old. Very vocal, very affectionate, and very talented. She can open doors with her paws!

Even people who don't like cats love my kitty. She's just that good!

Edwin Taylor - 2008-04-15
My Cornish Rex is just over 4 years old and very affectionate. He is very much a shoulder cat and enjoys riding on my shoulder throughout the house. He is cold-natured and enjoys the comfort of his warm blanket during winter. He is solid white, odd eyed, (one gold and one blue), and enjoys being the center of attention!

Francis - 2008-04-02
Our Cornish Rex is now 14 years old. She is still playful, very social, and very, very affectionate...After returning home from a week's business trip outside, no choice is given to me but to cuddle with her. She just harrasses me until I pick her up and then turbo-purrs for hours.

Sleeping involves her getting under the comforter and sleeping at your feet. During summertime she just sleeps over the comforter and wakes you up on week-end mornings when she thinks you had enough sleep...

Our rex is a little cat with a big, big heart.

Ellen - 2008-03-25
My cornish rex is 6 years old and he still acts like a kitten. He is the most cuddly cat I have ever had. He insists on sleeping under the covers with you. He is very vocal, if he can't find you, he will cry out until you respond to him. He is also very friendly and playful with dogs and other cats.