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A tabby cat with stripes is very well-known... and is the original coat design on pet cats!
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Jennifer - 2019-07-11
I would like to purchase a male grey mackerel tabby with white front and rear paws if possible

BEDRO - 2017-11-21
i want to buy serval cat im from ukraine

Denisa - 2014-05-03
I love cats.

Leila Peters - 2011-08-12
Yes I also found the black variety to be not as friendly as the lighter grey ones. I am reminded of a beautiful grey tabby which I owned. She was a cute squint-eyed kitten who use to mean so much to me. She use to play fetch with crumpled newspaper balls, follow me wherever I went, she use to be my constant companion, and wake me up early in the mornings with her lovely purrs. Until one fateful day when she disappeared suddenly. I was so sad you would'nt believe it. I just couldn't forget Kitty for a very long time. It seemed unreal that my dear kitty was gone. She was five months old.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-12
    Sometimes they just get lost or maybe someone took her.
Eileen - 2014-08-04
I have 4 tabbys they are awesome. I have a black& brown named shamerock, she had a beautiful baby that hasgrey tiger stripes we named her Clover,a orange male tabby named James& baby Miko is a tortoise shell tabby. All colors all adorable& sweet

Darlene - 2014-05-25
I've always had tabby's, sweet friends. My neighbor has one with a circular pattern on her sides and I was told a long time ago there is another name for that colored tabby. Does anyone know what it might be? I used to have one just like that and the vet's assistant told me, but it was years ago and I forget.

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  • Anonymous - 2015-10-31
    I think the pattern is called a sworl pattern
  • Karrnos - 2015-12-05
    Or also known as the Bullseye pattern.
Marlene - 2013-09-04
I have a Tabby, Roscoe... He does not have the M pattern on his forehead but more what looks like a spider with 8 legs. Does anyone else's tabby have a spider?

Madonna Simmonds - 2008-10-10
I have known tabby cats all my life, from the striped with the M in the forehead, to the calico and the all black with faint stripes. Tabbies are the best breed in the world, very friendly and sweet. I find the black variety are more offstandish, especially the females. Still, I would never want any other kind than a tabby, they are the purrfect pet.