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   Red-Bellied Parrots are excellent talkers, extremely acrobatic and awesome looking!
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Mike Cooper - 2019-10-24
I'm looking for a young handfed Male Red -Bellied Poicephalus. Mike Cooper Thanks

Jerri - 2019-08-24
I am looking for a 2+year old female red-bellies parrot. I have a 5 yr male.

Kevin C. Siegmann - 2019-07-18
I am looking for a Male African red bellied parrot.I currently have a 6 year old female. Please let me know. Texas area but willing to travel.

Morgan L Wilson - 2018-10-29
I have a 7 year old male African Red bellied parrot for sale. Comes with large cage, travel cage, rolling perch stand, food and treats. $700 for all. Must be local to Tampa, Florida. Please contact us at if interested.

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  • Lisa jacklin - 2019-06-08
    Do you still have your red bellied parrot? I’m interested.
Dale - 2018-01-24
We are ooking for a red bellied to replace ours. Will take care of and provide them a loving home. Live in Florida and can pickup. Dale

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  • Deidra - 2018-04-29
    Hi! I have an African red bellied parrot for sale. 6 years old, excellent health! Nice cage and accessories also. In middle GA area.
  • Morgan L Wilson - 2018-10-29
    Hello, if you are still looking, we have a 7 year old male for sale. We live in Tampa Florida. If you already have a cage, we will sell bird and travel cage for $450 or we have a large cage, rolling perch stand we can sell with bird for $700. Email us at if interested.
Granny - 2012-04-14
I have 2 African Red Bellies for sale. They are clutchmates and are 4 months old. 1 male and 1 female. They were not handfed so would make good breeders. $350 each. Will ship at buyers expense.

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  • Luis de la Torre - 2012-04-26
    I've been desperately looking for a male red bellied parrot that is of breeding age. Do you have any older single males for sale?
  • scarlet - 2012-05-13
    I am very interested in purchasing your female red belly parrot. I have a male who is named Monet. He really needs a little friend. I can be reached at 817-888-2220. Please respond ASAP.
    Thank you,
  • Gail - 2016-08-11
    I am interested in red bellied poicephalus. I live just north of San Antonio texas, do you ship?

    Please mention the type of bird , age of bird, and your phone number in your response as I am buying more than one bird. Thank you.
  • peatry - 2018-05-03
    info me if you still needing either a pair or single red belle parrot(909) 589-1328
  • Jean Markway - 2018-10-13
    I am looking for red belli handled or tame to touch. I would like a male. I live in la but will pickup or treavel if within reason. Doesn’t have to a baby just so it is time. Phone # is 337513 5503. %…5
Heather - 2018-09-16
I'm looking for a male red belly for my two year old female.

Tom - 2017-04-27
I am looking for a good home for my 10 year old Red-Bellied Parrot. He has an extensive vocabulary and is very healthy. Also have 4 cages and accessories. Located in Florida.

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  • Nick - 2017-05-01
    I would like to give your Red-Bellied Parrot a great place to live.
  • Shannon Evans - 2017-09-03
    I am interested in giving your baby a home, if you are still looking. I'm in Florida, and currently have a red bellied.
  • Nia - 2017-10-31
    Are you still looking for a home for your African Red Belly? Bird would have an excellent home. I have excellent references available too.
frank cavanaugh - 2016-03-13
2016 Been looking for a red bellied parrot baby for months now. Only found older pairs,or no shipping. Live in mass. Might be interested in a male and female if from different homes. Birds will be pets first and love their new life here.This is a great forever home. Please email me if you have one.Enjoy your Frank

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  • krista mizell - 2016-04-03
    Are you still looking for a male red belly? Is it for breeding? I am in Rhode Island and have red bellies. Just let me know..
  • Morgan bright - 2016-06-17
    Does anyone know of any red bellied parrot breeders? Been looking !!! And includes shipping if not near me .
  • Deena Daugherty - 2016-09-27
    I have two Red Bellied Parrots in the nest and will be pulling in the next week. Will be tested for PFBD, Chlamydia and Polyoma Vaccinated. Do ship at buyer's expense and please contact me for more information.
  • Michele Hughes - 2017-02-24
    Deena what is you contactinformation? Do you still breed Redbellies ?
  • mj - 2017-05-10
    I live in maine have a bonded pair breeders looking to re home 500 includes cage nest box food I am going to fl end of june can bring with to set a pick up on my way serious inquiries only 10-15 yrs old proven need room for my mother coming to live with me that is why I am selling
  • Bea - 2017-05-14
    I am looking for a little female red bellied as a pet, does anyone know of any breeders? I am an experienced parrot owner as we have 3 per African Greys. No breeder birds just looking for pet to spoil!
Bianca Carn - 2017-04-19
I am looking for a red bellied parrot. If anyone has any information they could pass along it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Tom - 2017-04-27
    Where are you located. I have a 10 year old male in Florida and am looking for a good home for him.