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   The Regent Parakeet or Regent Parrot is known as the very best flier of all the Australian Parakeets. Needless to say, they are very lively and active little birds!
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Sarah B Macias - 2023-01-30
I've had my Rock Pebbler for 11+ years and he was a wonderful bird. He passed away today and I miss him sooooo much. I'm a retired teacher and I'm 77 years old... I am so sad that he is gone. I loved him so much!

Sarah B Macias - 2023-01-30
I've had my Rock Pebbler for 11+ years and he was a wonderful bird. He passed away today and I miss him sooooo much. I'm a retired teacher and I'm 77 years old... I am so sad that he is gone. I loved him so much!

Sara - 2019-09-07
Does anybody know where you can get some in 2019? I’ve found EMR exotics but they don’t currently have any for sale.

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  • Terry - 2020-02-01
    Did you find one? I have a Regent Parrot for sale now with cage. Virginia local delivery only.
Luciiana - 2018-09-01
My beautiful Freddie was always green but I noticed in the past couple years her head area is turning all yellow. At first I thought it was adorable but am wondering if it is a problem? For other parrots, I am told That birds feathers turning yello could indicate liver disease but wonder if its the same thing here. Freddie is 16 years old. She gives me a hard time with food. Loves mostly pellets and has a habit of throwing food around her cage when it is not her favorite seeds. I brought her to the vet a few years ago when it started happening and they did blood work and said she was fine but the yellowing is more prominent now and I wonder. Freddie is a girl. Thanks for weighing in.

Jill - 2017-07-24
I have a male Regent/Rock Pebbler that I bought over 25 years ago from a local pet store in Southern California. He's very talkative and social. It's funny that the article stated, 'They do not like to bathe in a dish but do appreciate a spray bathe.' I had to finally replace his cage with a stainless steel cage because he took a bath in any and every dish along with the sink or shower. I also found he didn't care much for a spray bath. I guess that was individual preference. The last couple of years he doesn't want to be out of his cage much and he is sleeping a bit, but at 25+ years I guess that's to be expected. Even though he talks, he's quiet most of the time and doesn't chew like other parrots I have had in the past. He has his favorite person with me, but will go to anyone without a problem. The only thing I have found is that he doesn't like to be pet or cuddled, never has. Other than that, he has been a great bird.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2017-07-27
    What a great bird! And thanks for sharing his bathing behaviors. Each bird is unique, so you just never know for sure what an individual will do! Great info. 
  • Luciiana - 2018-09-01
    I have to agree. I found the bathing in the dish part funny as mine loves to take a bath in it every time she goes in there. I give her an actual shower in the bathroom and then when she is all dried up, she gets back to her bowl to take another bath. She loves water.
Sarah B Macias - 2018-06-25
she sounds perfect...cost?

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  • Luciana - 2018-09-01
    Not sure where you are but I bought mine years ago at an avian pet store and she was $500. She is now 16 years old. I go often to get her groomed and to buy food and I don’t see them selling them. Was told that they are hard to get. I live in the US. They are hard to find here but can me found occasionally. My Freddie is a sweetheart.
Holly - 2010-10-10
My husband and I have 2 male Rock Pebblers (Regent Parrots) and they are so loving. We also have Quakers and parakeets, budgies, and doves.. I have to say that our Rock Pebblers are our favorites. They are our babies! We would like to find a female for a companion. However they are very hard to find. If anyone knows where there are any females for sale, Please let us know... my husband takes them out in the back yard every morning and every evening, (their wings have been clipped) and they have the best time. They are very entertaining birds who love us just as much as we love them..

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  • buck - 2010-10-25
  • Jeanne - 2011-02-11
    Still looking,
    where do you live ?
    There is a place in Long Beach, CA
    if still interested, let me know.
  • Sandra - 2011-04-09
    Hello ... pls let me know if you are still interested in breeding. I have a 3 year old female and 2 year old male. I will sell them together. I live in southern California. Thank you.
  • debbie - 2011-06-12
    I do not know how old your posting is or where you are located has 2 regents they have to stay together we believe they are male and females
    if interested call
  • Donita Kidd - 2013-01-18
    Hello, I live in Marysville Wash. I have a female Rock Pebbler that I would like to sell her name is Olive and I have had her for 4 years, where do you live?
  • Gail - 2018-02-11 sells them for a little over 600. I have bought birds from them and found them to be completely reputable.
  • Diane edwards - 2018-05-24
    I have a female `rock pebbler. I never could find a male. She is so cute.
Froilan concepcion - 2017-07-29
How much is the reagent parakeet

lance - 2017-03-18
i have bred a regent this year one of five chiks has gone into the moult andis coming out with red sploches on the front from the head to the tail and black sploches down the back, does anyone know what is happening here,

kelly - 2015-12-03
Hi I have a male rock pebbler and he is losing his tail feathers is this normal. I only have him about two weeks and it feels like his tail feathers are clipped can anyone help me

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  • Luis - 2016-01-19
    Hi Kelley, I have a rock pebble and the same thing happened to him for some time when we first got him so don't sweat's normal.