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   Bobby is a male Plum-headed parakeet. The Plum-headed female has a gray head and the male's head is grayish purple or plum colored... thus the name Plum-headed!
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John - 2022-03-06
I purchased two plum-headed parakeet from a pet store 15 months ago one was clearly male as he had a red head and the other a female as her head was gray, the store owner told me they were two years old,
They consistently fought and would never stay next to each other. Over a period of one week I saw the so called female parrot started losing it grey and today the face turned red. How can this happen? It clearly looked like a female with it grey face. Now I need to purchase a female but I don’t want to get rid of one of the males. Can I have two males and a female together. I do have a breeding box in the cage.

Ashis chatterjee - 2021-06-25
I want one pare plum headed parakeet as soon as thanku

Anonymous - 2021-03-26
My male plum headed parakeet is went away near by lalghati bhopal his name is ram once you call him he will reply any one find plz do contact 8357021457

Chinthaka Liyanage - 2020-06-07
I have purchased pair of baby Plum Headed Parakeets. anyone please help me to find there sex. both are like same colour and difficult to identify their sex,

Nic Duque - 2020-04-26
Hi, I am looking for a PLUMHEAD parakeet male or a pair. If anyone has one or knows someone who does please contact me at (203) 543-9368 or I’m located in Connecticut. Thank you

Rushabh Podder - 2019-07-04
I want a female plumheaded parakeet for my male parakeet. It should be of minimum 5 years of age.

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  • Nic Duque - 2020-04-26
    Hi, are you still looking for the plumhead parakeet female? and where are you located? Thank you
  • gary Bernard - 2020-05-06
    I just lost my male
    Are you still looking
Tanvi singh - 2019-06-16
I hv a plum headed parrot l want to sell it pl call me on 9971417732

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  • Victor Ortiz - 2019-07-24
    Is this bird available? Cost?location?
  • Amit Bane - 2019-08-16
    Want male
    What's the price
Navi sharma - 2019-06-13
i whant plum head parrot pair

Jones Abraham Macwan - 2019-03-09
I want plum headed parakeet. So contact me 9638129514