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   The Eastern Rosella is one of the most popular and most beautiful parakeets in aviculture. Being so very brightly colored, they are very attractive birds!
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elizabeth - 2019-09-30
I’m looking for a hand fed male eastern rosella for a pet. I live in northern Virginia. Please contact me.

aggie whistler - 2018-12-14
this afternoon we have spotted an ?eastern rosella in the neighbours gutter in South Auckland NZ - didn't know they lived in NZ

Jose Morales - 2016-07-03
i need a female golden rosella

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  • steve leach - 2017-04-23
    i have two hens and am needing a male where are you located
  • shirley correa - 2017-07-27
    hello, I am looking for a Roasella parrot, does anyone ship to Stone Park ill?
Denise Chambers - 2017-02-13
I was wondering if anyone has successfully bred and eastern Rosella (M) and a western Rosella (F) with any luck?

Reply - 2013-05-11
I have for sale, due to ill health, my george and mildred, they are a breeding pair, and are ready to mate. Comes with a large cage, I am very reluctant to sell please email for details and pictures and I will get back to you as soon as possible thanks for viewing this comment.

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  • gordon - 2013-05-14
    I am very sorry to hear you are ill. I would like to hear the details, pictures and costs. Please send when you are able. thanks and I will remember you tonight at bedtime. Keep an upper chin...Gordon clapp
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-14
    For those of you interested in helping to find a good home for this bird, the email for more information about this bird is From: ''
  • tracy - 2017-01-28
    Hope this finds you on a good day,I am very interested in giving a very good home. I just lost my Jett 4 days ago,hand raised him and spent 11 wonderful yes with him. He was well trained and spoke very well. I moved from Perth WA to Alice springs I had him flown up to be with me. Now I have a huge hole that needs mending,I spent a very very considerable amount of yrs giving time n love to my boy,I have so much to give to more. Hope to be considered,thank you. Tracy Cameron.
Osman - 2016-10-12
Hi , i recently brought 2 Eastern Rosellas. I believe they are a pair(male and female) but i do not see them bonded. They don't fight but not close either as i have a pair of cockatiels and i see them playing with each other.

Anastasija Vasilevska - 2016-05-29
I got my rosella last week, we think it's a he. He tends to be really loud when there are people around and talking. He is also a little baby, just a few weeks old and he seems healthy and energetic but his feathers are still fluffed up a little and not fully grown. As far as i know thats normal for really young birds.. Can someone tell me how long it takes for his feathers to fully grow and for him to get those bright colors?

Sutto - 2016-02-12
I have a eastern rosella and have hand raised it as soon as it was half covered in feathers.At first we all thought it was a female but as it got its adult feathers it color and behavior changed and we realized it was a male. He's a little champion, every body loves him, he has so many different whistles and some very loud ones too! He whistles at the dogs when I'm calling them back to be tied up. Sometimes he gets so excited that he talks too fast u can't understand him. He can be aggressive sometimes to my wife, children an visitors but as soon as he see me coming at him after he's been aggressive he's backs off an acts all innocent and talks and whistles calmly, I think he knows I'm the master.. He's doesn't like being touched but I can give a little rub on the belly and sits up on shoulder an arms but then he starts pulling my hairs or biting my moles or freakles. He is about 16 months old now and I was wondering if anyone knows someone that has tried breeding their hand raised male and had any luck and also he's never been near other bird either ? My father always told me not try breed him as it can change his character or most likely bully her to death or he won't help support the female with feeding. So many different stories I hear but just really would like to know has it ever been done? And not have him losing his personality.

Royce M Irwin - 2015-01-30
I am looking for a male Eastern Rosella Crimson or Red head with green scalloped back. Royce

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  • Lisa Hillman - 2015-05-06
    Hi, I have an Eastern Rosella which was raised as an avairy bird but breeder sold to me as a pet because SHE wouldn't breed but after owning her for 6 years, I highly doubt Rosy is a SHE at all and is in fact a HE. Rosy is very vocal and like its cousin the budgie, She/he frequently masterbates on its perches. I haven't DNA tested Rosy but I'm positive this bird is a male Eastern Rosella. Rosy has a beautiful read head and scalloped back. This bird is lonely since losing its companion ( a female cinnamon cockatiel ) and though it is a good pet, avairy raised rosellas never really become hand tamed. I just think Rosy would be happiest having a mate and breeding. I live in Windsor, Ontario. Canada
  • Cynthia Harvey - 2015-06-04
    Hello, I have a young male that my son is offering for sale. I don't know much about birds yet I have been left to be the one to write up his ad. :) I have looked at several pictures and I believe he is the Eastern Rosella Crimson, but I can't be sure. I do have some pictures of him, if you are interested. He is a beautiful bird, and makes for good company. We often play whistling games back and forth until he goes on and on so long that he looses me. :) I am located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  • Jayme - 2015-07-26
    Is anyone missing their bird in Windsor Ontario? If so please contact me asap - thank you
Zohe - 2015-05-25
I have a female Eastern Rosella who is about 1yr old. I was just wondering, can the females lay without having a male around or do they need a male? If anyone can answer this that would be awesome!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-31
    Female parrots can, and often do, lay eggs even without a male. However, the eggs will not be fertile.