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   Ringneck Doves are gentle birds that do not bite and are easily tamed. They can be handled by by adults and children alike!
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wanda myers - 2016-05-27
My name is wanda myers, I am a proud owner of 15 beautiful doves 3 are not white the rest are. I love them and treat them as my children. the people around me love my birds so much. I would love if some one can get them to me to take any doves that needs forever homes. to me every animal needs a home and love. and i am picky as crap to who gets a dove, thy can not be smokers or have animals that would hurt the dove. The home has to be a healthy ,safe environment to get the dove then i have a must agree to promise that if they ever want to get rid of the dove or get sick of it to send it back to me, it is hard enough to let my babies go so if i give anyone a dove i am basically trusting you with one of my feathered kids

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  • Bernard Stallard - 2017-02-26
    I live in Apopka, Fl (near Orlando) in a semi rural area by orchard farms and horses grazing. I have a screened in waterfall pond (cement) with many tropical plants. I have about 25 Koi, 2 turtles and two snails. They are cohabiting successfully. I am looking for a young pair (male and female) to adopt. They would have open freedom to fly about the enclosure. Please contact me if you have two with some information about supplies. I have kept birds before but not this type. A friend highly recommended them as an addition to my patio (407-814-4427).
  • Lori - 2017-04-25
    Dear Wanda,
    I read your post on here about your lovely ring neck doves. I would
    like to buy a male ringneck to add to my bird family. I am an
    experience bird owner and lover of cockatiels and parakeets.
    Not sure where you live but I'm looking to own one and wondering if
    you have any for sale. Thank you, Lori, ortext631949-3059
  • Debbie wilson - 2019-10-11
    Hello Wanda, could you please call me 314-420-6451
  • kris - 2019-07-27
    Hi Wanda, my name is Kris I found a dove in my yard last week it seems people friendly but will not let me touch him or her! I fear for its safety as we have a lot of hawks around and no one that I have called will help me. Do you have any suggestions or no anyone who might want a dove?
Christine Williams - 2018-09-18
I have beautiful tangerine pearl ring-neck doves for sale! Some are babies and others are older! Very loving birds! Grate music in the mornings/evenings. $15. 00 for one or $25. 00 for two. Call christine @ 530-742-2211. Have a blessed day!

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  • Susie Bui - 2019-06-05
    Last 3 days this bird tangerine pearl ring neck cam to my back yard, i though he (maybe she) is wild bird, but after study from Google I knew it is ring -neck dove
    Please help, I do not know how to take care of him , He look so lonely I want to buy an other to keep him company. Do i need the cage ? I feed him ( or her) by dove food from Petco Store
    Thank you
Rose - 2017-10-03
I have a pair of ring-neck doves that bred 3 times this year. Each time they raised a healthy baby to full size. Each fledgling died about 2-3 weeks after fledging. They just stopped eating and declined. I'm suspecting a genetic flaw in the parent birds. Anyone have a similar experience?

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  • jerry - 2018-02-25
    Once the babies start eating on their own they should be removed. Sometimes the parents will kill their young ones so that don't beg the parents attention. The parents are busy getting ready to rear the next clutch. Some colors also have a high death rate. Frosty colors are known for it.
jane sheehan - 2017-09-21
I have recently gotten a beautiful ring neckdove. she is a beige and cream color. I would love to get her a mate. how can I tell what sex it is? also I live in missouri, how much would another one cost? I look forward to hearing from you soon

Kevin close - 2017-08-19
Looking to buy a ringneck dove

Sasha - 2017-01-04
I have a pair of Ring Necked doves from the same clutch, I agreed to raise from a rescue. They are about 10 weeks old. I don't know the sex of them, but when they are 6 months or older and are laying eggs, would it be harmful to let them breed if they are male and female?

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  • jeddy - 2017-02-25
    No problem. I use line breeding about 30% in my setup.
  • Liza - 2017-07-20
    No Sasha, you probably should not breed two doves from the same clutch. Any genetic imperfections either one of them has will have a better chance of passing it onto their babies, because they would be from the same clutch, and both have all the same genetics, good and bad. So the squabs would almost a 100% chance of getting both bad and good, where otherwise they'd only have a 50% chance of getting the bad passed onto them. Good luck with your doves:)
Vienne Yates - 2017-07-09
I bought two Ringneck doves at an action at the begging of 2016 one dove was completely fine but the other had barely half of its feathers I didn't do any thing to help it because I thought it would get better but its still the same today I don't know why my dove is like this but I would like to find out

Vienne Yates - 2017-07-09
I bought two Ringneck doves at an auction around the ending of 2016. But one only had half its feathers and it has been this way ever sence I got it and I don't know what to do

Jerry Lindemann - 2016-02-29
Due to failing health I'm looking for a home for my mixture of Ring Neck, white, white wing aviary birds. About 25. Not for food or sport shooting. Jerry Lindemann

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  • Susan Jackson - 2016-04-10
    I live in Mississippi. Have a growing, wild population of ring-necks nesting in the expansive woods behind my home, creek a few hundred feet back of my house. Suet, sunflower, chicken scratch at feeder. Everybody seems pretty happy. Want to give it a go? Not a controlled aviary...just a nice wild place they can live.
  • Rick - 2016-04-27
    I have a huge beautiful aviary and I love everyone of my doves. I will take as many as you would like me to have and cherish everyone of them. Rick
  • hasina - 2016-11-23
    I like to adapt at my home cage 2 to 4 tanzarine pearl neck dove as soon as possible. How to have them? please write me.
Tom Bove - 2015-08-25
I would love for someone to adopt my Mom's Doves. Either one or both. they are both of the North American type and I believe one of them is a ringneck , They are very healthy and coo a smooth mellow tone, They have their own cages and perches. My mom is too old to care for them and they need a home, She is 93. The birds are about 10 years old.

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  • john - 2015-09-02
    you didn't say where you are located- I would love to give them a forever home here in SC