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   If you are looking for a pigeon that is very attractive, tame, friendly, and easy to breed, the Old German Owl is the pigeon for you!
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Kaleem - 2019-08-23
I love animals

Rasekete frans Molebatsi - 2016-09-30
Love old German pigeons I wish I cn get a pair of them again jst ad on my other pigeon

munusamy.s - 2014-04-05
Nice Fishes.

Marco Salvatori - 2009-02-24
One of my pets died and I wanted another pet. I looked up doves and pigeons on google. It came up with this website so I looked through it and found this beautiful, cute old german owl dove. I was captivated by this bird and immediately I decided on this for my 12 birthday present. These birds look amazing. And Animal-Word I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!

abhimanyu - 2008-07-12
Love your site. I always wanted to have a pigeon and I have fallen in love with these oriental ones. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about breeders in India and outside India. Thank you

paul - 2012-07-22
Hello just writing to see if anyone can help. I have a couple of pairs of germen shield owls (lovely birds). They hatched their young ok and fed them for about a week then they died. A friend told me they are liable to stop feeding chicks after the first week. Does anyone have any input on the subject. thanks paul

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-22
    I have no real idea if pigeons are similar to parrots in that it takes a clutch or two for the parents to have fertile eggs, incubate the eggs and then feed successfully.  It is a learning process and without a flock it can be crazy for both the birds and the humans.  Pegeons are thought to be good parents both incubating and caring for the young so it just might be a learning curve.  There is a Old German Owl club and you could go to that website and ask other breeders directly regarding problems with the breeding/feeding.  The link is
oxo - 2010-12-25
Those birds are so cool, I 'm getting 2 old german owls in January.

Douglas Smith - 2010-09-01
I was very surprised to see my OGO's pictured on your site. The Old German Owl is a gentle or somewhat tame pigeon. I still raise the Tail Marked variety of Owl's, along with my Valencian Figurita's & Barb's. If not for my love of these birds, retirement wouldn't be much fun. In my 70's & still enjoying my hobby to the fullest. Doug Smith of Dr2Lofts in TN. USA.

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  • Mike Spiegelberg - 2010-11-26
    Do Old German Owls actually Roll In The air or are they Just exciting Flyers? Love The Look! I currently have A Loft Of Rollers and another with Homers! Thank You for letting us enjoy your OGO's! Peace, Mike ( Fridley , Mn )
Gary Miller - 2005-12-06
I think your web page is one of the best that I've seen. I was wondering if you were going to display any other pigeon types other than the Old German Owl. There's over 600 varieties of pigeons. The Old German Owl is a beautiful friendly breed but there are others.

sonia - 2005-10-12
I loved ur website it was really cool. I myself am a animal freek whenever I see an animal I just quickly give out its name. This is the first website where I have seen lots of animals it is really cool. I mean ur website is really cool and I would recommend this website to everybody who loves pets ,really Oh! my gosh I dont even know what to say about ur birds section. I have 2 budgies of my own the females name is sonic and the males name is GP. Anyways I loved ur website keep on doing the good work