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   The Queen of Bavaria or Golden Conure is the most beautiful and most sought after of all the conures!
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Tania - 2020-01-05
Hi! Looking for a Queen in South Florida. Willing to adopt and also to travel. Thank you.

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  • Brenda\'s Birds - 2020-02-24
    Brenda's Birds in Delray Beach will have Golden Conure Babies available soon as season has just begun.
Dianne Scott - 2016-05-08
I have a 4 yr old Queen of Bavaria Conure for sale. He is beautiful, super healthy, very social and is an all around good guy. He would make a great family bird because he likes everyone and doesn't choose favorites :) I am moving and cannot bring him with me, I would love to find a good home for him. I am in Florida. If you are interested, please contact me and I will send you the price and photos. Thank you!

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  • Christine - 2016-05-10
    If you still have your conure we would be interested :) you can contact me at 407 697 9069 thanks, Christine
  • baptist van der meyde - 2016-05-10
    Hi Dianne, is your bird still available..pleaselet me know, I am looking for a male, because I have 2 females....regards, Baptist
  • Veronique Laczko - 2016-05-11
    I purchased a queen of bavaria 8 months ago and she was 2 months old. . . . I absolutely adore her and would love to adopt yours if he is still available. . . . We also have a yellow nape amazon. . Which i have had for 36 years. . . . . So as you can imagine. . . I am a bird lover. . . . . Please email me and let me know if you're bird is available. . . . Thank you
  • Micah - 2016-05-27
    Looking for a DNA 'd male queen of Bavaria.
    Will pay cash or trade for four year old female!!!
  • eddie - 2016-05-28
    i do have an intrtest and also most large birds are very loud and its not allowed where i live in my condo birds yes noise no. How much
  • Amber - 2016-06-24
    I rescue and rehabilitate birds, 9 of them reside in my home and I have room for one more. Would love to house your baby if he is still available :)
  • Larry - 2016-07-24
    I would really to have your Golden Conure. I also live in Florida. What number can I call you? I live in Jacksonville. Where are you?
  • Linda - 2016-10-18
    I am very interested. How much I am in Georgia. 706-400-9076
  • Glenn - 2016-10-12
    Is your Queen of Bavaria conure still for sale? Thanks.
  • cherane Pefley - 2016-12-02
    I'm in palm beach county and looking for a male for my CBW program under the USFWS.
    I have two hundred video's on youtube that yo can see my five pairs.

    almost thrity years doin this dedication work.

    I do hae a baby in the box if your of mind to exchange. 561.594.7007
  • Leland Brandt - 2016-12-22
    I am in Garden Grove Calif. If you could respond with price and I info.I have parrots and am very well educated in their care.
  • cherane Pefley - 2017-02-16
    I have a four year old female for that four year old male. you an bring to me if you wish.. 561.594.7007
  • Deana - 2017-07-15
    Inquiring if u still have your golden conure. I have a bird rescue in Va and my husband fell in love with a golden conure when we visited pigeon forge and ive been wanting to suprise him. If you do or know where i could find one reasonably priced please if you could let me know. My txt number is 2762753897

  • Gwen Crutchfield - 2017-07-11
    Hello I live in punta gorda fl I'm interested and would like to know the price. Thank you in advance. My e mail
  • Tania - 2020-01-05
    Hi, is your bird still avail?
Rogelio Reyes - 2019-03-08
interested with the birds golden conure . can you ship to the Philippines Thank you

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  • dr.umesh panigrahi - 2019-07-28
    Want a pair of Holden conure
Patti - 2017-01-29
We just recently purchased a 4 month old female. We named her Mango. She is the most loving parrot I have ever seen. She loves fruits and veggies, peas seem to be her favorite. She spends 1-2hours cuddled in my neck/chin area. She kisses and loves the affection. We have had her 1 week and she already knows what the word OUT means. She is very smart she knows my voice and my husbands too, she enjoys spending time with our family and friends. I was afraid of birds until meeting and purchasing this beautiful Queen of Bavaria! If you are looking for a parrot that you can truly interact with and handle then this is the parrot for you! We are so thankful to have been able to find and purchase her.

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  • Krista - 2017-02-02
    She sounds so sweet! I just put my down deposit on a male Queen! I have been searching for one for YEARS and the excitement in me is UNREAL! I cannot WAIT to meet him and give him my love. I can only pray he is as sweet as your girl! :)
  • jeff walters - 2017-05-09
    I'm looking for a mature male Golden for my female...I'm in Calif.
Glenn - 2016-10-12
Want to buy any Queen of Bavaria conure aka Golden Conure.

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  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2016-11-18
    I have  three golden conures that are now close to two months in the nest being raised for future breeding.  IA M CBW PERMITTED, when wean and fledge at six months of age they will be ready go to a flight.  sesing will be done to accomdate at buyers cost.  three thousand dollars each.

    I have made my pair unavailable fo rmany babies so they can enjoy rasiing the three in teh nest box and I must charge to accomodate expences occrued.  thank you  payments can be made as they are being raised.  I do have on you tube video's of th e three babie since hathcng..
  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2016-12-22
    Baby in the nest box... being raised by forster parnts and female dna sexed.  HEAVEN ON EARTH AVIAN ACRE 561/594/7007. I am CBW permitted for out of state purchase. buyer must have ICS if out of state and not CBW PERMITTED

  • wendy - 2016-12-27
    do you still have the baby Queen? how much? Wendy
  • Krista - 2017-02-02
    Cherane, girl! You are everywhere! Haha! I love it!
  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2017-03-21
    I kept  for  hugh till janaury a female being raised in the nest box whil all others sold.  so, that one remaining female is now avialable.

    endangered species act rules prohibit advertising unless you state permit is needed ourside of the state.   i hold a cbw permit. Www. Goldenconure. Net

Hugh - 2017-02-03
I am looking for a young male golden conure in California Please call or text 408-230-8231

Judy Lantz - 2016-09-25
Looking for an older (4-5 yrs) female Queen of Bavaria conure in California.

Linda Nichelmann - 2015-05-15
I'm looking for an adult female Golden Conure in California. Do you know if one is for sale in California? I'm near Sacramento.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-18
    I would check with Magnolia Bird Farms, there's one in San Bernardino and one in Anaheim. If they don't have one right now, they can probably help locate one for you.
  • Shawn Morris - 2016-04-17
    We have a breeder who does them in California. Check out our website.
  • Judy Lantz - 2016-09-25
    Hi Linda:
    Just wondering if you were able to find a Queen of Bavaria breeder in California. Thanks...Judy
Sabrina - 2016-04-27
Looking for the Golden Conure in Texas. Would like it 6-12 months old.

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  • Micah - 2016-05-27
    I have a four year old female golden conure for sale! This is the age they start breeding
  • Larry B - 2016-08-30
    Do you still have your female Golden? My wife is very interested in finding a female to add to our family.

    Thank you
Denise - 2016-03-29
Hi, I saw your ad, and was wondering if you found a reputable breeder for a Golden Conure in the State of Florida? I am looking as well, and no luck as of yet. If you do find a breeder, would you mind letting me know, if ok with you ! Tks !

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  • Larry - 2016-07-24
    I would like to find a Golden Conure. Please contact me if you have one or know of someone who does in Florida.

  • Christine - 2016-08-22
    Florida ONLY call or text Rod 561-350-1693