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   The Greater Patagonian Conure is sometimes known as the Burrowing Parrot or the Bank-burrowing Parrot. This is because they have been known to 'burrow' up to 6 FEET into the side of a cliff or a bank just to build their nest!
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Tracy - 2019-11-28
My conure seems like she has lost some balance

LINDA AKERS - 2019-04-18
I am looking for a patagonian conure baby would need to be shipped to draper va

Mukesh Gupta - 2015-04-19
I want to sell my pet.. Pantogian Conure

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  • Kim - 2015-05-21
    I am looking for a Patagonian conure. Could you tell me about yours? Thank you.
  • Bobby Dunn - 2015-07-19
    I would be very interested in the pat. Please reply. Thanks.............................Bobby
  • Jill hamacek - 2015-07-27
    Is your patagonia still for sale?
  • Virginia - 2015-10-07
    are you still selling your Patagonian Conure? I have one at the moment and I want another one so that mine won't be lonely.
  • Tierney O\'Connell - 2018-12-07
    Do u still have your Conure?
Virginia - 2015-10-07
I am looking for another Patagonian Conure. I have one as a pet now, have had him for 5 years now. I feel that he needs a friend.

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  • Shari - 2015-12-02
    Please contact me if you are still interested in another patagonian
  • Kim Rose Marie Tessier - 2016-02-17
    looking for a patagonian conure. need to be shipped to maine.
  • Kim Rose Marie Tessier - 2016-02-17
    shari is your conure still av?
  • Mike fair - 2016-03-21
    Have Patagonian male no idea what he is worth he is tame healthy and 5 yrs. old
  • kim - 2016-03-22
    mike is urs for sale? if so do u ship? please email me at mainelypeeps at icloud dot com
  • Kim Rose Marie Tessier - 2016-03-22
    mike please email me at if your selling him
  • Kim Rose Marie Tessier - 2016-03-22
    still looking for a pat !
  • Wendy - 2017-01-27
    I am interested in your male patagonian conure. Please let me know if he is still for sale.
  • Sue - 2017-12-27
    My Patagonian Conure was stolen from a kennel in Connecticut in late November. I can describe him and identify him easily. Please call me ASAP if anybody has information. She does not fly. 203–823 - 7707
therese - 2017-07-26
I have a 18 yr old Patagonian ,thought it was male all these years but recently Ricci started laying eggs .Ricci who now I now is female ,has since having 3 eggs at 18 yrs old ,no longer seems to want to talk .I feel I no longer have Ricci but have new bird that doesn't want to talk .Ricci had large vocabulary ,and loves saying I love you,etc .Maybe I'm worried for nothing? Maybe she'll go back to talking soon? Therese

Jodie Pastore - 2016-10-27
Just a quick note to say we lost are beloved Patagonian Conure yesterday. Captain Nemo was with us for 28 years. He was our best 'watch dog' and we have had many dogs. He talked, laughed and when in a funny mood, would spit water in your face. Played tug a war with the dogs and loved to hide under the blankets with my son when they were young. He was 5 months old when we got him. He will be missed.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-10-27
    So sorry about your loss, I can tell he will be greatly missed. Hang in there.
Kim Rose Marie Tessier - 2016-03-22
looking for patagonian conure/conures.must be shipped to maine by Delta (155.00)

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  • Shawn Morris - 2016-04-17
    We have them, take a look at our website. Delta ships at 156. your also going to need a crate 25.
    take a look at our website.
Pauline Bras - 2014-08-17
My patagonian conure has for the last four weeks had a lame left wing which seems to only get worse It is not broken but hr just lets it hang and does not use it at all please help any suggestions what could have caused this he did not hurt himself

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  • Anonymous - 2014-08-17
    It sounds like a visit to the vet is in order.
Gustavo - 2005-08-30
Indeed, "patagonia" means big foot. it

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  • renee - 2011-01-15
    Hi I lost my jenday conure, and I live alone was just me and angel, 25 yrs then one day I found her on bottom of cage wrapped her in blanket ran to vet beg help me I'll pay payments, I live on disability, but I took good care of angel, well a lady offered me this patagonian conure, she told me she is a cockatoo person, she had this breed for 8 mos says she was told it was 5yrs old and the lady kept on her shoulder and did everything with her, she is cage bound, I have to get towel and hide cage to spend time with her, she has bitten me till I was bleeding, but I am still working on trying to get a bond, lady changed her name she had for 5 yrs she has called her another name, her name was molly so I am calling her molly and she seems to know that name, since she has spent 8 mos in cage with not much attention can this bird be returned after this treatment she has been through, if anyone could let me know I fed zupreen pletts, but she has been on seeds, not used to this breed of conure and not much infor on web either, please give me any ideas, do they not like too sit on your shoulder very long I had to make my jenday get in cage to eat and drink water, lost my bird 2006, thanks renee
  • Robin - 2013-12-23
    About your Jenday Concure: I had a conure that was 4 yrs old when I got her. I tried for over a year to make nice with her. I did learn one thing they can be cage aggressive. So try letting the bird out and let it fly somewhere then try picking it up. Mine would do that and ride on my shoulders while I cleaned the house. But she would bite me coming and going sometimes. I finally just could not deal with her behavior and ended up selling her to a woman who already had a conure and wanted a play mate for hers. She also let hers out of the cage for 8 hours a day, something I could not do. My bird is now very happy and thriving in her home. ( Not saying you should get rid of yours) But I am just trying to let you know they are very cage aggressive birds. Also if she was sitting on my Cockatiels cages and I couldn't get her on my finger to put her back. I would slowly move something (like the remote to the TV), I would come slowly behind her while I had my finger up for her to step up in and she would with out biting me. I talked to a woman who told me that once a conure has bad behavior it is so hard to change them. I am not sure if that is true or not but I know I tried with mine and got no where. She just wasn't happy and I could tell. But I get pictures of her and she is very happy now.
Bernardette Dixon - 2007-01-28
When I brought my Greater Patagonian, Dominic, home I was given some wrong information apparently. I was told that Patagonians live about 50 years. On looking up info on the internet, I find that "although Patagonians on occasion will live to 25, the average life span is 12 years old" Well, I must be doing something right, because Dominic is now a happy, healthy, extremely playful 25 years old and has been with me the entire time. We are so close after all these years that he understands everything I say and every move I make. I am now retired and it's just the two of us, so it's like having a perennial two-year-old around the house. Dom has a vocabulary of 50 different words and phrases and uses them appropriately. He loves to cuddle and I have learned from living with him for 25 years that many bird "experts" are wrong when they say parrots merely mimic what they hear and have no understanding of what they are saying. The ones who say that birds (and other animals) have no emotions or feelings or empathy are also wrong and have obviously never been in a close living situation with a Patagonian.

Bernardette Dixon
Escondido, California

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  • Anonymous - 2013-01-23
    my patagonian is 26 years old, still healthy and happy. she loves to sing and play , laughs alot too not sure how long the life span is , I must being doing something right ... alot of people don't like this kind of bird ..due to her making loud noises, you do get use her ...she loves to sit on your shoulder too...