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   The Blue-crowned Conure, also referred to as the Sharp-tailed Conure is quite a character, as was demonstrated when this little bird became popularized by the movie "Pauli"!
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Phils Aviary - 2019-07-30
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mary liszewski - 2019-07-29
i just lost my little guy and am looking to buy a baby blue crowned

Chastity - 2015-08-02
I've had a sun and a Jendai conure and both acted normal and passed some years ago. I now have a BCC that someone brought into the animal rescue where I work and this bird has no idea how to be a conure. He, don't really know if its a he/she, seems to have bonded with me and screams when my mom shows up, but seems to love to dance on top of his cage and be out of his cage. He is afraid of baths either in the sink or being sprayed and won't go near a shallow dish of water. He has not pecked or chewed on anything in his cage and seems not to know what to do with the various types of toys I have in there. He tends to be more of a noisy bird in the morning after I uncover him and near evening he does make little clicking noises and thrumming noises and have finally gotten him to eat some grapes. I think he is still a juvenile as he still has the brighter orange or maroon tail, but I had to clip his beak and file down his nails when I got him home and I think whoever had him fed him a lot of sunflower seeds as he picks those out of his food...a mix of special conure seed/nut/leaf with fruit pellets added. I do a lot of rescue with everything, but this guy has me puzzled. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Russ Sulich - 2017-05-17
    Hello, I currently have a rescue blue crowned and Im going thru the same thing with mine. Did your bird finally come around? how long did it take? Is it a well adjusted bird now? thank you
Bud - 2016-06-25
I have a blue crowned Conure that has been getting grey feathers on his chest. He baths frequently so I'm not sure if he is molting or something is wrong. Need help!!

Bill - 2016-05-13
Fully retired and looking to share life with a bird. Have experience, including hand feeding, amazons, macaws, greys and others.

Karen - 2016-02-24
Hallo everyone I'm a proud owner of a blue crowned conure that I've called Mila, I have just had him for a month and am very new to learning how to be his friend.

Tiki Bird - 2012-06-07
I have raised my blue crown from a baby. He talks all the time, never shuts up, if you don't talk with him, he will start sayin 'poor tiki, poor poor tiki', he has a huge vocab, pet stores are amazed at his vocab when they hear him. He use to be so sweet, he would step up on my finger, he kissed my mom, my daughter made a tinker toy perch on wheels and would pull him around...that was up until he was about 2, now he is meaner than a hornet, he is entertaining, and he loves your company, but he will not step up, and he bites if you get near him. What causes this? Tiki is about 8 years old.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-07
    What causes it - I am not sure but I called it the terrible two's.  It seems my parrots went through the infant and cudly stage and then the terrible two's.  However, I got to cuddly threes with pretty much all of them.  Someone has to be boss and I think it is your Tiki.  He can be RETRAINED (if that is really a word) but somehow, he got out of control (which most do) in the terrible two's but a person usually gets the control back in a couple of months.  He can not bite the back of your hand if you make a fist and hold it tight with the back of your hand going toward his beak.  Nothing for him to bite.  You can say 'UP' and if he doesn't just grab his feet fast and he will get up.  If you twist your hand slightly, he can't keep balance and bite also.  You can enjoy him as he is or you can look for 'how do I train my parrot' classes or books.  Up to you....  Either way he sounds fun and entertaining.  To start, I would sure make sure he is not on his cage and on a neutral perch not by his cage. Realize that until around 20 years ago, most pet birds were wild caught and trained.  Tiki is just being boss - it is up to you if you wish to change it.  But he has to be removed from his cage to neutral teritory and learn. Have fun. 
  • Tiki Bird - 2012-06-18
    Now that you've mentioned removing him from his cage, I forgot to mention he is nicer when I remove him, but doing so is something. I have to wrap my hand in a towel (so he doesn't bite) and put my hand in his cage. He will not let me physically remove him, he flies to the ground. When he is on the ground, he is sweet, he picks his foot up for me to pick him up. I can pet his back, and sometimes carefully stroke his tummy, but don't get to comfortable with him, because he will nail you. When he was old enough for a cage, I bought a cheap cage from a pet store (it's about 4 ft high X 2ft wide X 2 ft deep). Several years ago, we bought him a nice cage that would cost about $500. He HATES it, he sulks, won't talk, won't eat, won't bath, won't play with toys, won't go out of it. It is really nice, the top opens up with perches on top with food and water bowls (it's about 6-1/2 ft tall X 4 ft wide X 4 ft deep). We finally had to put him back in his old cage, and he is happy as a lark. I guess the other cage is for the birds. Now, we are trying to find someone to buy the big cage, because he wants nothing to do with it.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-18
    Parrots have really distinct personalities and likes and dislikes.  They are territorial and frequently become very protective of their cage.  Usually, if they are removed from that territory - they are a whole lot calmer.  I have never heard anyone have a problem with a conure coming OUT of a cage.  They will do everything to not GO IN their cage.  They prefer peoples shoulders, their heads, laps.  A person has difficulty geting them off --

    Think about what your little guy is doing when he gets feisty.  Is he thinking you might be trying to put him back in his cage?  Can you just leave his cage door open and he can go in and out (when you are home) as he pleases?  Conures really WANT to be with their family and will get difficult if they believe you are going to reutrn him to their cage.  Anyway, try and figure out what he is getting mad/upset/feisty about and then maybe you can change the behavior.  Foot toys, flip him upside down and 'time out'

    I don't get the new cage thing but if you want you can put the new cage next to the old cage with the toys etc in the new cage.  Then put the food in the new cage and leave the doors open - he will go to the new cage gradually (especially if you don't look) but familiarity of old toys etc - Also, what was the location of the new cage.  Farthur away from family.  Conures are extremely flock oriented - they want their family and need to be by them and see them  They do not behave well on their own and that's when they will make noise. 

    Kitchen mit or anything - if you tried to get him out that way - he is going to be scared - think KING KONG coming after you in your bedrrom - so leave the door open and let him come out.  Can he fly down from his cage or fly to you?  Try and concentrate on his behaviors and ask yourself why he is doing it? 
  • JERRY - 2016-02-12
    I have a sun conure and she is so loveable..We lost the male that I was going to breed with her and currently looking for a male conure (blue crown). Do you know where I can locate one?
Rachel - 2015-07-05
I've had Spirit for 8 years now as a gift from a friend who was moving. I was the only other person she would go to when we met so they offered her to me. She just turned 13 last month and I can't imagine life without her. I love waking up and her being able to see me through the window, since her cage is on the patio. When she sees me she whistles and fluffs up knowing I'm going to come out soon. We used to put her on the phone when telemarketers called because she loves to talk so much! However, she is very quiet and rarely screams. Whenever I lay down with her, she snuggles into my neck and sleeps with me. If you are looking for a pet, blue crowned conures are great. Just be wary, they tend to pick favorites and are protective of them.

Catherine - 2011-12-01
Lost our Blue crowned Conure (Neo) last night...My husband has had him for 12 yrs. Just out of the blue he got very lethargic, feathers puffed up and appeared to be breathing more rapidly. Has anyone ever experienced their birds getting sick so rapidly? I would like to know what could have happened. Nothing in his environment had changed. Would appreciate any info that might be helpful. Thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-01
    I am so sorry. I know what it is like and I feel bad for you. Parrots usually have a long life span and a conure is no exception. Just like anything though some pass at a younger age. When a parrot gets ill - they hide it real well for awhile. Instinct. So most often by the time a person realizes their parrot is ill - it is too late to get it to the vet. It could be anything from a inborn heart defect to possibly it ate something toxic. You can have a necropsy done by a vet but it costs and the chances of it happening again is pretty rare. Also, the vet may not find a cause. Things happen. I am sorry.
  • Catherine - 2011-12-01
    Charlie, thank you. I appreciate your reply. It will be one of those things we will rack our brains for quite some time. They are beautiful birds and Neo like the other BC's I have read about here are amazing each with their own personalities and endearing to their people. Really appreciate your response. Thank you
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-01
    You are so welcome. Yeah, I love the conures - my human has one too. They make wonderful companions.
  • Larry - 2012-03-06
    Our little Nemo passed last night pretty much in the same way. My wife had him for 21 years. He was diagnosed with a kidney problem a few months ago and was daily meds and a special diet. We knew he had health issues, but were shocked how quickly he went from normal to very ill. He blew kisses to my wife and went into the corner of the cage. He seemed like he wanted to be left alone all puffy and breathing heavy. Birds do hide their illnesses well. Enjoy their company. They are great companions.
  • Conscibot Amalia Tsakiri - 2015-03-16
    We just lost our beloved little BCC last Saturday. He was 8 years old, never has been sick, always happy, joyful, talking, dancing, laughing. And one morning, we saw him in a fluffy position, we took him to a specialized veterinarian. She told us that he has serious pneumonia, put him in a nebuliser and thermo-room for 2 days and then, suddenly, he died. And the house is empty and we are still quoestioning ourself and each other, what went wrong?

    It's very like your story...
Bird Lover but mom of only 1 - 2015-02-04
Today drove 4.5 hours to pick up our new BBC. Flew down to a guy's shoulder in his yard (I'm reading lots I'd similar stories). They did not have time for him so he was scared and a bit nippy. But brought him home and within 2 hours, he was chatting away... and laid on his back letting us pet him on his belly! Sleeping now in his new Happy Hut! So far,so good!