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The two Umbrella Cockatoos pictured here are still babies under 3 months old, and still needing to be handfed twice per day!
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lane - 2019-12-20 Talking Cockatoo Parrots,Grey Parrots,Amazon,Macaw and fertile eggs Talking Cockatoo Parrots,Grey Parrots,Amazon,Macaw birds

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  • Lindsey - 2020-02-14
    Looking for a young female Umbrella Cockatoo. Can you please send me info if you have any available? Thanks
sharon Rock - 2012-02-24
Want to sell three of umbrella cockatoo. Any interested person? Please email via

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  • Leslie - 2012-02-27
    I am very interested in a baby or young umbrella cockatoo. Are they still available and what is the price for one? Do you know their sex? I currently have a 3 yr old female blue and gold macaw.
  • CRAIG - 2012-04-15
    The age of a cockatoo is not really a concern. There average life span is more than 60 years. I have a nine year old that laid three eggs this year. By the way, I live in an apt. . . . . . . . No complaints. Sophia is love by everyone around me. Craig
  • Mayra Y. cuevas - 2015-05-23
    How much do you want
  • Tony - 2018-08-30
    Hi am interested in a female? Please give me a price and let arrange shipment...
    My phone number is(813) 994-7240... ty
Mary Mccauley - 2015-11-29
I am interested in blue mccaw

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  • Liza - 2017-07-06
    A blue and gold macaw? You could try, I think they have some B&G babies for sale right now:)
Cindy Cunningham - 2017-02-12
I recently opened my home to my granddaughters fiancées Umbrella Cockatoo. She is approx. 12 years old and had a previous owner who was gone leaving the bird along a lot. At first the bird loved me but all of a sudden runs away from me and others in the house that she loved at first. its heart breaking because I love her so much and want her to love us. Don't understand what we did wrong? She does the same to other family members that she was just fine with in the beginning?? I'm so confused about why she is this way? I still spend lots of time talking to her, and let her out of her cage every day, she likes to sit on the top of her cage, but she has her cage in between me and her while I'm spending time with her. Its like she is afraid of me but I never did anything to her.

jorge - 2015-07-05
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  • Fulvio Zambelli - 2015-07-11
    Years ago I raised several cockatoos from the egg. It's a 24/7 commitment but well worth it. I am very interested in a hyacinth macaw egg. I had a pair many years ago and absolutely loved them. I never did get them to breed them before and had to sell them due to a divorce settlement.
  • Jessica St. Amour - 2015-08-25
    Hello I incubate all sorts of bird eggs and hatch them out and I was curious your prices on the cockatoo eggs? All of the different sub-species and their prices please thank you Jess
  • Christine Aldridge - 2015-10-06
    I am very interested in hatching. I raise Goffin's and would like to incubate Scarlet Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoo, Please email more information and egg prices. I have loved my birds since the age of five. This is not a spam, I am very interested in your advertisement I anxiously await a reply. Thank you,
  • Casey Punch - 2016-01-07
    Would like an umbrella cockatoo egg, blue & gold macaw
  • laura gaffney - 2016-04-06
    Would like your prices on umbrella cockatoo eggs and also looking for a male age 8 through 10 years old for my female. She keeps laying eggs and have decided to breed her. I have raised cockatoos and hand raised a few. Please respond ASAP..
Kimberly - 2015-08-24
I just recently got an unbrella cockatoo, I was told that it was a female but when I took it in to clip the nails they told me it was a male because of the dark eyes. So we re named him Rocco. So far he has been the greatest pet ever!!! so affectionate and so lovable he gets so excited when I hold him and when he's in my lap. So today the craziest thing happened. Rocko started passing gas it was crazy and I couldn't think of why he was doing that I didn't feed him anything unusual or give him anything that he hasn't had before. As I went to check on him while he was sitting up on his perch I was shocked to find out that he laid an egg!!! To my surprise Rocko is a female after all not a male. So my question is why would she lay an egg after 7 years when she has never laid an egg before? And does it always apply that the males have dark eyes and the females have redish or brown eyes? Well I guess I do know the answer to that question because my female has dark black eyes however laid an egg so it's obviously a female. But why an egg at 7 years old and never laid one before?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-24
    The iris of the females' eyes will often develop a reddish color as they get older while the males' stay black, but that's not always completely accurate, so a DNA test is usually needed to be certain.. It's not uncommon for parrots who have never laid and egg to do so when they are older, even 10 - 15 years or more.
gavin couzens - 2009-11-02
The white cockatoo is my moiety within my culture and when I see this bird around it means a sign of importance must be recognised and acted upon (if need be). However the presence does not mean anything if you are not of the white cockatoo mob, you must have an understanding of the birds habits and enviroment to have knowledge of this great creature.

stephen shalat - 2015-06-29
I'm interesdted in two of the three cockatoos, but only after having been weaned.

Winston - 2015-04-12
Umbrella Cockatoo Parrot Very nice, healthy, good listener, cute, fun bird. We have raised this Umbrella Cockatoo since the day it was born. They are very loving and caring and they loves to cuddle and say some few words that we hae thought them. If you have any questions or would like to see some more pictures of present or past litters please feel free to email us via ( ) or text: 301-882-2767. ( Only Serious Inquiries Please )

Bill Roberts - 2014-07-01
I rescued my bird, I have had her for a little over 1 year, she is very loving and smart. When I first got her she was in very bad shape, she now is a very pretty and happy bird lately she is taking to very softly bite my skin and then rubbing her beak on me, is this normal show of love?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    I would say so, it sounds like a preening behavior, but modified for her unusual 'flock friend'.
  • Anonymous - 2015-02-08
    Yes I think so my bird also clicks his beak to show love