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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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Pamelia Doubleday - 2013-02-11
Hello, it is nice to have someone to talk to and ask questions. My name is Pam. My daughter brought home 2 young cockatiels that she got from her teacher just before Christmas. The mother was biting and pulling the feathers out of their neck. They are soooo sweet. I was on craigs list looking for a better cage for them and I came across a Military Mccraw with cage for rehoming. So, I called and I'm now mom. He is so smart. He talks all the time. I can't always understand him, but he seams to pick up words quickly. Milton bonded to me rather quickley within a few hrs, he was sitting in my lap on his back, but he won't let anyone else touch him. He bit the stuffing out of my daughter the first night, and now she is scared to get close to him, and I think he knows it. He has nipped at my husb. and won't let him pet him, but will get on his arm if I'm not around. I have warned others to keep a wide birth. I think in time he will accept others in the family. I'm not sure he will ever be stranger friendly. Any thoughts? I was so hoping that he would be. I have to admit that I am a bit leary of him, even though he likes me and wants me to hold and pet him, he often nibbles on me and some times he gets overzealous and bites down. (it HURTS) Any thoughts on that. Also---(I have lots of questions; I hope you don't mind.) I have been reading about the Mccaw diet. I have offered him various fruits and veggies. I have even brought them over and started eatting them in frouht of him to get him intrested. (No LUCK) Last night I set down in my chair with a ear of corn and some hot wings. He was after my plate. I offered him the corn thinking he must be after that. He compleatly ignored it, and grabed himself a hot-wing. I have to say, I felt a little weird about a bird eating chicken. I didn't know they would eat meat. Is it OK for them to have some? That is it for now, but ...I'LL BE BACK. See-Ya Pam.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-02-11
    I know a lot of people who feed their macaws and other large parrots chicken! Many large birds are a fan of it. It is ok in moderation - but obviously you don't want his entire diet to consist of chicken. As far as him bonding to people other than you - well the more time you spend with him the more bonded he will become to you. Most macaws are 'one person' birds. If you want him to bond to other people as well, you will have to make a point of spending less time with him and have other people spend more time with him. This can help make him more well-rounded.
  • Tammy - 2019-04-15
    I had a McCaw also that only wanted my boyfriend the though him. He chased the kids and would try and butter me if I say next to BF. I had to give him up to a pet store because of him trying to think of our small children.
Maria - 2015-07-20
6 years ago I rescued my cocktail baby he was in a cage probably 12×6×12 with his parents and 6 siblings. The breader only let me take one she opened up the door and baby flew to me. I brought him home got him a big cage and some toys. At first he was not friendlying but now he is just a love he loves to blow kisses and he says I love you baby he loves to cuddle as long as you don't touch him with your finger tips. His best friend is my 10 year old male peach face lovebird Sweedums the two talk all day, when I put them to bed have to be able to see each other, and when they are out with grime each other. He is just amazing it took a little for him to be friendlucky but now hr is great. The strange this is the friendship with him and Sweedums has anyone else ever had a lovebird and cocktail be best friends? (They are both dna checked males)

Anonymous - 2013-01-31
We really love our cockatiels. My male does the woody woodpecker laugh, so we named him woody.

virginia - 2012-08-29
I just got my baby she is a beautiful grey the most sweetest thing. I really love looking at her and making her sing. . . . My son also thinks she is so much fun. . . . . Her name is Chichi. . . . . So glad she is apart of my family. . . . . . .

Ananya Roy - 2012-07-29
I have a male grey cockatiel with a female lutino cockatiel. They are both from the same clutch of the same parents (according to the breeder). The lutino cockatiel (Kiki) is very cheerful and sings and plays all the time.but the grey cockatiel (Jiko)sits on its perch all day long, looking morose and lonely. Kiki often attempts to seduce him, but he sits there as if he is sworn to celibacy. He doesn't show any interest at all, no matter how hard Kiki tries to get his attention. He eats well and he is healthy. I wonder what his problem is but if I take Kiki for an outing jiko calls out and searches for her, and he won't stop screeching until I bring her back but then again, after the fuss, he sits there and shows no interest in her. When I placed a nestbox in their cage a few days ago, Kiki sat on it, inspected it and started coming in and out of it but Jiko never went near it, nor he ever inspected it. The nestbox is still in their cage. Kiki sits on it and Jiko clearly avoids both the nestbox and Kiki. They are about a year old. What is wrong with them? What should i do? Is Jiko sick ? please help.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-29
    Females in general mature faster than males so possibly Jiko just isn't ready yet.  However, you do have flock behavior and mating behavior and your Kiki and your Jiko are a 'flock' or possibly a pair.  You remove one and they have company as they are with you.  However, you are leaving the other one behind and they do not like to be alone.  They become afraid.   Take them out together  or just let them both out at the same time - even if you are just holding one.  Your the flock leader and so you keep the one your with safe but that leaves the other frightened.  Probably Jiko isn't sick - just not ready to 'do it'
Anonymous - 2012-04-03
Cashmere, my grey cockatiel, is the most rewarding bird
I have owned.
Unfortunatly she is an alchoholic and loves to share my
evening sherry with me, climbing into my glass to get her next sip.

Donn Coon - 2003-12-21
I have had many birds throughout the years - from Moluccans to Zebra Finches. Sassy, my 7-year old Pearl Cockatiel, is one of the best pets that has ever lived with me. I found her as a chick in a pet store. They did not know what to do with her. They said they could not sell her because she has badly deformed feet. When I first approached her, she hissed at me, and from that moment I knew her name should be SASSY. I talked the store into letting me take her, and I have never been sorry. Sassy lives in an indoor aviary with a love bird and two canaries. She flies happily around her space, she loves to climb all over me or play with my computer keys. Her only "out of the ordinary" requirement is a flat surface for when she sleeps, because she cannot hold a perch well. I used a short, 2" x 4" piece of pine, and carved a depression into which she squats to sleep. I have loved all of my birds but Sassy really gets deeply into my heart.

Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-05
How can you tell the sex of your cockatiel?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-05
    Scroll up in this Animal World article to sexual differences. It will give you some pretty good ideas on how to determine whether you have a boy or a gal.
Julie M. - 2005-06-30
I have three absolutely wonderfull cockatiels. Tucker/4, Baby one/3 and Buddy( age questionable). They have wonderfull and VERY different personalities. Their personal antics and intelligence are great to watch. My kids are out of their cages from the time I get home to the time they go to sleep and bedtime is strictly observed. I have many birds in the past, all hookbills. I am hooked on tiels! One of their favorite games is to take to battery doors off of the remotes. I am constantly putting them back on. I would advise anyone who is considering bringing a cockatiel into their home to be ready for lots of love and have a good vacuum handy.

ed - 2011-06-17
I got my cockatiel when he was young. Right now he is so lovable. He doesn't know how to fly though but he's so cute he always wants me to pet him.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-17
    They are cute. Your little guy will kearn to fly. One day for no reason he will just flap his wings and will take off. He will be quite surprised. For this reason it is good to show him what is SAFE to land on vs NOT SAFE. Take your little fella and show him windown and bang on the window. Do the same thing will walls, etc. Then just very gently toss him on a bed or sofa - just 6 inches. Do this a few times so he understands NOT to fly into a window or wall and to land on a soft chair or sofa. They usually just flap their wings and go a few feet and land on the floor but I have had a new babe fly and go right into the wall. I learned to show them after that. Good luck and happiness with your new little guy.