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   If you want a pet bird that makes you feel warm, then choose a Cinnamon Cockatiel!
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lana - 2017-01-23
How can you tell what sex a cockatiel is?

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  • mitch - 2017-10-10
    if your cockatiel has not molted yet get test
    if has then check under your cockatiels wing, if it has white dots going up to the end chances are it's a female
paula - 2014-05-09
I have two, male and female. She has one egg, sitting on it, how long will it take it to hatch? she doesn't want me around the cage at all.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-05-15
    The incubation period is 17 - 22 days.
seif - 2011-07-29
i have two cockatiels - one boy and one girl. your www is very very very very very exlent. I love your www

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-30
    Glad you liked it.