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   Not only is the handsome Yorkshire Canary one of the largest of the canary breeds, it is also one of the older breeds!
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Dedi - 2019-10-22
I want import yorkshire canary to Indonesia

Adan Kallen - 2016-01-26
Various young and adult parrots available tam and hand rared,Parrots eggs,Yorkshire,Lancashire,Red Factor,Frills,Dutch frill,Norwich, Border, Timbrado , Lizard and normal canaries. Budgies,Cockatiels,Finches,lovebirds, Toucan and many more. Up to date vet health certificate,please contact us Maybe we have what exactly you are looking for

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  • Damar Nugroho - 2016-08-23
    How can I buy from you n what document should I prepare for buying overseas.And how much it would cost me to buy a pair breed.

    I really Interested in canary yorkshire
  • Carlos Basile - 2017-12-07
    Hi..interested yorkshire canaries..from 15 to 25 according to the price..thanks
  • marion sisk - 2019-09-02
    would like to purchase male female pair. please call 678-209-4649
  • marion sisk - 2019-09-02
    would like to purchase male female pair. please call 678-209-4649
  • Yanto - 2019-05-22

    hello how can I order a yorkhshire canary for you
  • Yanto - 2019-05-22

    hello how can I order a yorkhshire canary for you
Jorge palau - 2019-06-09
Whant to buy a Yorkshire canary hen

mateusz - 2018-03-11
Hi I LIke bought two pair a yorkshire canaries. you can send to poland?

r.rangbar - 2017-06-12
Dear Sir/Madam As an Iranian canary raiser, I would like to purchase predominantly female Lancashire and Yorkshire canaries with the following feature: Minimum size (24 cm long× 14 cm tail) Best Regards, R. Rangbar

andi hendra saputra - 2016-12-15
I like your have canary bird yorkshire. How money much your sale one pear send to indonesia?

Damar Nugroho - 2016-08-21
Hi there.... First of all let me introduce my self My name is Damar Nugroho and I'm from Indonesia. I have looked your web site about Canary Breed. And I am interested in buy some of your breed. Since you have imported some of your breed throughout some countries. If there any possibility to send your breed to my country. If so, could you explain to all the detail. Thanks

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  • Jimy Juela - 2016-08-31
    Are you still interested?
Julie - 2016-06-28
I have searched the wide world web over for the last two months and I believe I have finally discovered what kind of bird God has blessed us with! A Yorkshire Canary! Although most of the pictures I see of them are bright yellow, I came across one that looks just like my little guy! He came hopping right up to us in our yard when we were feeding the chickens about two months ago and kept following us around. When we realized he was not injured and was banded on both legs we knew that he had been someone's pet. We live in the middle of nowhere and have no idea how he got there much less survived, not even our yard with our cats! So I scooped him up and brought him in the house, my husband got to work right away on building him a home and he has been such a delight! He has a wonderful personality and brings a smile to everyone that gets to see him!

Michael Deller - 2016-06-02
Hello I am a yorkshire canary breeder in the uk I would like to purchase a pair of white yorkshires This years young birds could you please advise Kind regards Mick Deller

Jainul Hariono - 2011-12-19
Hi, my name is Jainul Hariono
I am Indonesia nationality
Actually I would like to get Canary Bird or Yorkshire bird from Importer
if you can provide me please let me know
Actually I will order 1 Pair of kind canary birds ( male and female ) and another next month I will order 1 pair again with different type latter on
So, please I really interested.
To supporting document what you need for me I try to find out and I will send it to you, and conversely if I need from you I will let you know
Thank you for your attention
I look forward to get reply from you soon

Best regards,

Jainul Hariono

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  • bobby hartono - 2014-06-06
    Hi, I have several types of canaries import included Yorkshire with good posture and bloodlines, if you need further information, please contact me and here are my details, Name : Bobby Hartono email : Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626 Whatapps : +62 819 1022 6626 Address : Jln.Kiaracondong no:338,Bandung-Indonesia Thank you
  • umit - 2016-02-24
    We are a live animals trading company specialized in Birds.Our Company is based in Turkey and we are importing and exporting birds from /to all around the world. If you are interested in live bird trading, especially Yorkshire Canaries we would wish to work for long term partnership. Kind Regards umit ertürk +905327038847