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   This gorgeous canary, the Red Factor Canary, is prized by many as the most beautiful of all the Color Bred Canaries!
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Denise - 2015-05-20
I live in the south of Washington State (Vancouver, WA).There are yellow canaries in my back yard! I have heard that someone let some go years back and they have proliferated. I love watching them fly to & from my waterfall. I saw one this morning that looked like he had dipped his head in something orange! Never saw this before. Could it be that he had one yellow and one Red Factor Canary parent...or is it more likely that he has been eating a diet that is changing his coloring? I also wanted to ask, do you think that there is any truth to the idea that a person should NOT use teflon-coated pots & pans if they have pet birds in their house? I have heard that the toxins that are put off by heating teflon can kill birds. Thank You : )

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-22
    It could be that the color of this canary is the result of the coloring in one or both of the parents, but diet can also bring out color. And yes, it has long been stated that when cooking with teflon coated pans they can put off a toxin. Birds are extremely sensitive to airborne toxins, even things like hair spray, pesticides, and oven cleaner can cause death.
Venceslau Barbosa da Silva - 2009-10-19
I have read the comment by Ronald, saying that the cross of Carduellis cuculata and the canary does not lead to fertile hybrids and that the insertion of the siskin's red factor to obtain the redfactor canary is a myth.Unfortunately Ronald, I can assure you that I, myself, have already produced lots of fertile F1s from that mating and definitely it is not a myth. If you do not believe it, just get a male venezuelan siskin, cross it with a canary and check the fertility of some male offsprings. The females are not fertyle, but, a good percentage of the males are. Try it, before getting to the final conclusion. Venceslau Barbosa da Silva

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  • Ivan - 2014-05-16
    Very true! Lol I do same thing, thanks for sharing.
Lorna Hopkins - 2010-09-26
I am just starting to learn about the canary. I have always wanted a singing canary and my favourite colour is orange so to have an orange singing canary I would be all in my glory. I was told that my canary is not a red factor so I had no hope. A friend of mine gave me some red granulated stuff that he feeds his canary to keep it orange, I tried it and mine is turning colour. What is this stuff and where can I buy it?

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  • Ivan - 2014-05-16
    Hi, you can find it at any pet store, is is not dangerous for your birds, only problem is that if you stop to supply it as your bird is not a mosaic or a red factor, your bird will get back to his normal color.
Peggy - 2012-10-11
My 6 yr old male canary is molting/picking his feathers; tail feathers,back and breast. He usually molts in the Spring. He gets fresh apple, brocolli and celery along with a variety of quality seeds daily. He still takes a bath daily. Any suggestions?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-11
    You could try adding extra proteins, and maybe vitamins and minerals during this time as well. Egg food is a great protein source for canaries and finches.

Joan Quinn - 2009-11-06
I have a Red Factor Canary and I thought he didn't really need toys, as is stated on a previous posting. However, I felt sorry for him and bought him some toys, bell, mirrors, dangly toys and of course a swing. He loves his toys! And he is always on his swing looking in the big mirror on the wall where his cage is, and he sings all of the time because he thinks he is singing to the bird in the mirror. So, it has been my experiences that canaries do like to play with toys and they also like mirrors and sing to their own reflection. His name is Mango and he is one very happy little boy!

Nancy Butterfield - 2009-08-05
I noticed Ronald asking about black canaries. I had a solid black male in 1979. I got him from a breeder in Minn. He was beautiful. Haven't seen any since then. The books I read on the subject said they hadn't seen any around since the 70's. It does seem like if they were around once it could happen again.

maryfalls - 2012-04-02
Help can't find can thax supplier in Scotland!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-02
    There are other nutrients that can be used to keep the color in your little fella. Here is an article which covers a few of them. Color Factor
  • Kang Babas - 2013-03-09
    i like the original red canary. but not from the food.

Kang Babas - 2013-03-09
i have red intensive canary at home. the price is so expensive. i think, the red factor is not come from the food, but it is original from the dna.

Anonymous - 2012-06-22
I purchased my male red factor back in Dec 2010. They shipped him from Va. to Tx. and promised he would arrive alive and was indeed a male. He arrived alive and did sing for me, however, the last 10 months or so he has stopped singing. Also, his coloring is changing to more yellow. I have tried the apples and carrots, and he is just not that interested. I have bought the feeding for carnaries,,,along with the treats for canaries.. his molting has seemed to be on going...he looks thin...I have trimmed his nails for perching... I am now trying to find tape training...on line.... Any other suggestions out there ?? Oh by the way, I did let my 87 yr old mother have him for a few months, since my father passed away last she would feel like she had a purpose in her daily chores. She did keep her place very hot....which I thought might be good for a tiny bird.? Now I read to keep them cool temperatures.? Any advice out there would be nice. I am glad to have finally found this site. Cathy

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-22
    Scroll up in this Animal World article and read the information rgarding the Care and Feeding for a red factor.  They require a specialized diet to maintain the redish coloring.  Glad your grandma enjoyed her but i doubt it was warm enough to have any effect on your feathered fella.
Jonmigz - 2012-02-07
hi i have red canaries as what the seller told me. i wanted to make them maintain the red plumage however i only have the Red Canary Eggfood which contain a little of Cantaxaline. I cant find a Cantax in our area. Where can I order Cantaxaline in the US. Can you provide an advise?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-07
    The only place I can think of is to email Rik at Golden Cockatoo in Florida. He has a web site.
  • Jay DePena - 2012-02-07
    Just add paprika(seasoning) to your bird food cup, about 1/2 teaspoon per fill with your brand of canary food. Keeps my birds dark red. JD
  • Jonmigz - 2012-02-07
    Thanks JD for the advise. Re: Paprika, Can I use the commercial Paprika available from the supermarket? Will this be safe for them? I'm currently feeding them also chopped/grated carrots and they occasionally eat them also. just wanted to make sure I'm feeding them the right color food.