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   The lively little Fife Fancy Canary is a favorite and a joy for both those who wish to keep a pet canary as well as those who specialize in showing!
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diane zambon - 2017-08-12
I bred my fife canaries for the first time this spring. we had 2 nest 8 babies in total. I started touching them while still in the nest. now at 12 weeks they all land on my hands and in my hair. they eat out of my hand and even sing to me while sitting on my hand. Has any one else had a like experience?

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  • Joy Smith - 2018-12-14
    I want to buy a canary and have always and raised American singers but I am interested in a fife. Do they have more personality than an American singer and would you recommend a fife. I have been studying up on them and they sound precious.
    They are hard to find. I live in east Texas. Thank you for any input that you might have.
    Where are you located and do you ship? Joy
Iris McMillan - 2014-05-25
Putting this warning on the web site for other owners. I keep both Border and Fife Canaries. Last week when I went to feed my birds, found 6 dead. 5 were in the same cage, not flying free in the aviary. One dead in the aviary. Looking at the bodies, all were grouped around the feeding dish and the aviary bird lay below the feeding table. Clearly not a virus, as all my other birds were OK. But only these 6 birds had consumed greenery from ASDA, they had eaten outer leaves of a cabbage. There must have been a toxin, either fertilizer/pesticides there as they died where they stood. In the future I am only going to feed greenery and sprouted grain which I have grown on myself.

Kristina - 2007-06-02
these birds can wake you up in the morning. if you tell it to shut up, it will sing louder than before. mine dance when i put music on. lm getting 10 canarys - 9 females and 1 male (i want eggs, bye!

tobe - 2008-10-04
DO you know about the african canary? No, come to me if you want to know, I am the owner of champion from nigeria . All the types of canaries mentioned, and I have never seen a nigeria breed, so come.

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  • lloyd, Lagos Nigeria - 2010-12-16
    My canary is not just an acclaimed champ, but an ALARM clock that wakes the entire family up @ exactly 6.30am daily.
Abdualrhman Alghanem - 2011-03-27
I have a 2 years old fife canary and he is very smart I think it worths more than 5000 USD.

olaocha - 2010-12-18
My lovebird goes crazy immediately it sights a human around and they try to sing like my canaries.

cheer - 2010-04-07
I need more canary facts I have a bird project and I got the canary bird it is a really cool BIRD !