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   The popular Yellow-crowned Amazon is a very green bird, but with a pretty yellow crown!
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alexis - 2017-10-24
i have a crowned amazon and i cant remember exactly how old she is but she keeps screaming mama and just having these outburst where she screams for a good 10 min in the morning around 9 and then at night around 10. should i be worried or is there anything i can do for her?

margaret bennett - 2014-06-07
Have a 2 months old yellow crown parrot. Would like to know what can I give it to eat? We give her fresh fruits every day is that OK? And when could she start to eat seeds? Help us please.

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  • Anonymous - 2016-09-04
    Hi there
    2 months is still baby try to give it soft food only, This is my advise .
  • CHARLES - 2017-05-27
    I have 1, had for 6 yrs, trial and error,,, mine eat loads of things,,fresh fruits, pastsa egg yolk boiled. Asparagus, sugarsnaps, fine beans, broad beans, banana. Mixed nuts. Peppers, chili,s, etc, what he not like he throw out. . . Good luck, charles. .
Angela wells - 2016-12-26
My two yr old Amazon female does this rumbling noise when I get her up in the morning or whenever I see her I made the mistake of putting her in the bathroom for five minutes every time she did that noise now it gappens all the time can you explain it to me pls perhaps I reinforced it by putting her away but it usually stopped then and she became her normal playful self I thought she was scared of something but I just don't know now , it's so annoying and it's loud at times now my ecky copies it as well, thank you pls help. Regards Angela wells

Brenden Manjarrez - 2015-07-26
hello i have a female and we want her to have a mate so i am wondering if you could let me know if you have a male yellow crowned amazon for sale or for free i am in Washington but i also have a house in Arizona if you could help me that would be great

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  • Linda Fisher - 2016-08-04
    Hi Brenden,
    I have a male yellow crested Amazon parrot that we need to find a home for. I live in Arizona and Oregon. He had 'Never laid an egg!' So we are pretty sure he is a male Ben though we have not had the sex test done
    He is approx 15 years old. You can email me if you are still Interested.
Barb Foltz - 2013-02-23
We have a 25 year old Amazon who just laid an egg! She has never done this before and we are shocked! Is this normal?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-23
    It does happen. Nothing to be concerned with.
  • Lynne - 2013-03-17
    This is not unusual, and the bird is likely very happy if it's laying. I would watch out, though and make sure to feed any hen laying calcium rich foods like a little cottage cheese, yoghurt, spinach, Kale and other high calcium foods as you can. Let birdie's vet know that she's laying and if she lays one egg after another, watch out for signs of hypocalaemia (twitching, seizures and if she breaks a bone, get to the vet ASAP. Also, make sure that she has frequent servings of vitamin A rich foods and exposure to natural sunlight! Good luck.
Greg Meissner - 2013-01-17
The bird in the photo is clearly a Panama Amazon (A. ochrocephala panamensis) as described on this webpage. Notice the lack of red-orange in the upper mandible, the small and restricted area of yellow on the forehead, and the paler look of the beak, cere, and feet. I live with a Panama amazon, and I'm pretty sure about this. You might want to update the photo's caption.

Callum Sansom - 2012-12-10
My parrot keep's scratching all over and making noises Could she have mites?

Geralyn M. Schneider - 2012-03-24
I have a yellow crown yellow nape 15 month old male Amazon, and am desperately seeking information regarding the possible sexual behaviors, as just in the last week, he has begun behaving very strangely, and I don't know if it is neurological problem (it almost looks seizure like), or if it is sexual behaviors. Could someone who knows, please provide me with specific information of their sexual behaviors? When I describe the behaviors to bird experts or vets, they say it sounds possibly sexual, but the bird is too young, or think it sounds neurological which is very frightening to me as I have become so very attached to this bird. Help, please!!!

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  • April - 2012-04-07
    I have a male yellow front amazon that when he sits with me he does the same sounds that you are talking about. Is he near you when he does this, because I am going to say they are whooing us even at a young age, because this is their breeding time, from March to May or when the weather is warm.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-07
    Try and explain to me what is going on. Birds do exhibit strange or peculiar behaviors at times - I had a bird who loved to click. She would just click - made me crazy. Had one that always slept with his toe up his nose. 15 months sounds a little young to me to be exhibitng sexual behaviors. Those aren't seisure like -
    Try and explain to me. I have had them as pets for over 20 years and i have bred them - maybe i won't have a clue but maybe - who knows. Amazons don't reach sexual matuirty until 3 - 4 years old - or older.
  • Jake - 2012-06-08
    Geralyn, I have a yellow crown she's 12 yrs old now had her since she was 8 weeks old.  Mine started getting the what I call the horny mood when she was almost 2, it starts for her around the end of feb and lasts tell about the end of may, What Sparkie does is that she rubs her vent on her bells and makes a funny sound. It sounds to me that your may be rubbing it's vent, does it make a noise when your is doing this, I know Sparkie is a female I had her DNA done, I hope to breed her 1 day, I hope this helped alittle
philip fairbrother - 2012-09-12
I recently bought an Amazon and he is very moody.  He is aggessive when you offer him your hand but will happily fly onto your shoulder. He is very loud in the morning but settles over the course of the day. He is supposed to talk.  Four days in he has not spoken a word. He is a lovely boy and I am hoping we will become great friends. Any adeas on what I should expect when buying a 5 year old parrot - how long before he settle?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-12
    He will settle in a little more each day but probably a couple of months before 'at home'.  Think 3 year old dressed in feathers.  It is OK - you have 50 - 60 years to work with him and become friends.  He will start talking when he is more 'at home' and hears you talk more.  Right now he is just in a hige big brand new home and everything is different.  Try and look at the world from his perspective -
  • philip fairbrother - 2012-09-13
    Thank you Charlie and of course you are right,he sat on my shoulder preening himself so I believe he is starting to trust me. Is there anything I should be doing to help him along ?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-13
    Little things you can do - when you eat your meals - or at least supper, give him a little of whatever you have that is nutricious.  You canhand it to him or you can give him a little bowl and let him eat with you.  In the wild, birds - showing affection or taking care of their young - they feed them.  You can share your food - little piece of chicken, little string bean, even a little piece of speghetti - the fact you are giving it to him is what is important.  Learn your birds body language.  When he is stretching really hard to just scrath that place on the back of his neck with his foot - ask if he would like a little help and scratch the backof his neck.  If you see a long feather on his head or back of his neck wrapped in the wax - you can very gently twirl it - just where it is white and obviously waxy to remove that white wax part.  His mate or parent would do this in the wild.  they can't reach th top of their head to get that wax of and loved being preened. Learn his language as much as he learns yours.  Parrots love to play - so 'peek' or dancing is good game.  Just learn your parrot -
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David Price - 2012-09-09
We bought a yellow crowned about 3 months ago. We were told he was male but am not convinced, he is very friendly with me leting me handle him, but will not let my wife put her hand in the cage. He is 2 years old and wondered how we go about getting him sexed.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-09
    The only 100% way to sex most  parrots is through DNA sexing.  You can purchase kits in the back of bird talk magazine and i believe they are around $25.00.  essentially what you have to do is clip a toenail a little too short so you get a drop of blood.  They don't like it much but over fast.  You can then put QUIK STOP on the toenail or flour.  Another way is too pull a feather - again DNA -  different kit but both in the back of Bird talk. 

    Your wife can try and feed him a bunch of treats withher hand - just go slow.  Bird probably had bonded to someone that looks like you or talks like you - and not used to or doesn't like women.  If the bird is this young and a yellow crown - they do pick a mate but usually a pretty good family bird.  Just like one person better than the rest but fun for all.
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