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In the natural world, the color red doesn't get much better than with the Red Rainbowfish!
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Shelby Cline - 2019-05-21
Would 8 red rainbowfish be ok in a 50 gallon high fish tank? The dimensions are 18” wide 30” high and 20” deep

Gail Hengen - 2010-09-02
It's me again. Would love to know what tips anyone would have to entice these two to spawn, the male is certainly eager to :)

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  • SJ - 2010-09-14
    Found this quote on another website. "An egg layer, Glossolepis incisus spawns throughout a number of days over moss. The adults should be removed after spawning and the eggs should be raised and hatched separately. The fry should be fed very small live foods."
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-28
    You need to sort of replicate the flood season.  Try adding some cooler water. Lots of plants and heavy nutrient rich feedings.
megan - 2011-08-29
Hi -6 months ago I set my 4 ft tank up with rainbows , I was given 4 large Red Rainbows, which I enjoy watching swim about as if they are dancing,
but I don't know which are male and which are female.?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-08-29
    Read the attached article on Rainbows from Animal World. The mature males will be much redder. Their back is more arched and they will often be the more territorial sex.
Major Dan - 2010-09-20
Is there a difference between the Millenium Rainbow and the Red Rainbow? There seems to be some common information in both writeups. I bought a pair of Red Irian Rainbows recently. they are both doing well - one male, one female. However, the male very much resembles the description of a lone Red Rainbow "without a female to display to the males will be a dull dusty brown". The female looks exactly like the picture of the Millenium Rainbow. Any clues what is going on?

Gail Hengen - 2007-12-10
I have a male and female of the glossolepis incisus (New Guinea Red Rainbow fish). The male was a gift long before I knew of this species and I must say I'm completely enamoured with this fish. He's so loveable and interactive. I had to get a female for him, he was displaying for anyone and anything, lol. Though I'd love to get more rainbowfish I'll have to wait until I get a bigger tank. These fish are hardy and very pleasant to raise.