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A real stunner, the Banded Rainbowfish has earned years of popularity for its dazzling appearance!
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Pranay mohanty - 2012-04-18
Can the rainbowfish live together with goldfish?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-18
    They can if you filter are doing their job and you are extra diligent in the tank maintenance. Goldfish produce large amouts of amonia which is toxic for most fish in large amounts.
Greg - 2012-11-13
Please tell me what the fish behind the main fish it the female Jewel Rainbowfish? I have been looking on and of for 10 years for that fish! I love the sleek body and the great colored fins and tail.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-13
    I'd say you are correct!
AIDAN - 2009-02-16
I Love my rainbow fish! I have 6 of them (3 males, and 3 females). They look so cool, it took me awhile to figure out what kind they are but it turns out there the jewel banded rainbowfish. They're really funny when I feed them, they splash when they eat cuz they kinda jump at the food. I keep them in my 30 gallon tank with 4 hatchetfish, 4 leapord catfish, and 1 paradise fish. They're all really happy together!